Yet Another One of Biden’s Partisan Prosecutors Probed for Politically Motivated Misconduct


Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner of St. Louis is an absolute menace. She’s a massive danger to her community and she needs to be stopped. As St. Louis City’s homicide rate climbs to its highest level in 50 years, there are more questions than answers being offered. There’s been little to no action but that is not swaying the city at all.

They are going to provide this woman with even more control over the lives of others. The state attorney general will not be able to take on a case for at least 90 days. If Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner hasn’t filed charges or upon request from the “chief law enforcement officer”, the state attorney general then gets a case to solve the case. This does not sound very efficient.

Gardner has been an unqualified disaster for this city and our hearts go out to them. She’s taking money from Soros and refusing to solve a single case. This is heartbreaking news for all of the families in this city who are seeking some much-needed closure.

Can you believe that this woman has no problem with rejecting open and shut cases because she believes that the officers who are involved are racists? This is not the worst of it, either. She is also responsible for releasing all of the violent protesters as soon as they were apprehended. At long last, this city might be getting a reprieve from her reign of terror.

The Missouri State Disciplinary Counsel has found probable cause that Gardner committed professional misconduct. In fact, she is currently in danger of losing her license to practice law. In the Greitens’ case, she is believed to have lied under oath and now she is going to face the consequences of that poor decision. KMOV has more:

“An investigation by the state’s Chief Disciplinary Counsel has found probable cause that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner committed professional misconduct, after complaints made by the legal team representing former Governor Eric Greitens.

A state website published Tuesday Gardner’s name in relation to a pending disciplinary hearing, that indicates she is the subject of an alleged ethical violation. The Circuit Attorney will likely face a disciplinary panel to weigh the allegations and make a finding. Ultimately punishment would be decided by the Missouri Supreme Court and could range from an admonishment to suspension or revocation of her law license.

It’s not known yet the exact nature of the violations. A request for comment from Kim Gardner’s office went unanswered Tuesday evening.

Attorneys representing former Governor Greitens filed complaints against Gardner’s law license shortly after the conclusion of the criminal case back in 2018…

…Allegations from the Greitens team claim Gardner had an ethical obligation to correct the record during a deposition of private investigator William Tisaby. Gardner hired Tisaby who conducted interviews with the woman at the center of the invasion of privacy charge against Greitens. Tisaby has since been charged with six counts of perjury and one count of tampering with evidence, after a special prosecutor found Tisaby had lied under oath. But Gardner was with Tisaby in those instances and allegations indicated she had a professional responsibility to ensure that Tisaby’s statements were correct. She has claimed she was not representing Tisaby and therefore did not have to do so.”

This is not the only time that she has found herself in hot water. Apparently, Gardner narrowly eluded being charged last year. There was an investigation into her criminal conduct then but she was able to steer clear of any legal issues. The reasoning had absolutely nothing to do with her, either.

The statute of limitations on this particular case had expired and this is the only thing that saved her. Hopefully, the city of St. Louis can receive the justice that they deserve and return to a state of relative normalcy. This is what every city deserves but far left lawmakers won’t allow it!