Yes! Biden Is Really Using a Teleprompter To Answer Interview Questions


This is a question that we have long wanted an answer for. At long last, we may have our answer but it is not what we expected it to be. As it turns out, Biden inadvertently admitted that he uses a teleprompter during interviews……during an interview. He was visiting the James Corden show in April when he held up a picture with his sons.

The picture had a glass frame and in the reflection, we could see text on a teleprompter. When Biden does the virtual question and answer sessions, he is being fed the answers ahead of time. The Trump campaign is not going to let this one go by without launching an attack, either. This plays perfectly into the Sleepy Joe narrative.

The Biden campaign already had a disastrous appearance on Fox News last week. TJ Ducklo, a Biden campaign spokesman, absolutely lost it when he was asked the question. If it makes the Biden voters feel any better, it seems like he is going rouge with some of these scripts. He did not stick to the scripted responses when he was in the midst of this interview.

We just wonder if he was given a stern talking to because he was willing to deviate. The clip went viral on Twitter over the weekend and everyone had a good laugh. The footage was taken from one of the softest interviews that he is ever going to have on the campaign trail. What is he going to do when it comes time to be grilled by an interviewer who is not rooting for him to win?

These sit downs are sure to be different. The question about Biden’s teleprompter reliance became more prominent last week and his campaign has themselves to thank for that. Ducklo freaked out on Bret Baier for asking a very simple question. He could have easily answered it but he never did. He started huffing and puffing with Baier instead.

This begs another question: will the media start to ask this question more often? If the situation was reversed and Donald Trump was found to require the services of a teleprompter during interviews? We would never hear the end of it. The mainstream media would cover this from sunup to sundown. Some of the president’s supporters might like to see him sticking to the script but we digress.

Biden cannot even handle an interview with that notorious hardball tosser James Corden without help. How can he be expected to handle the duties that a president is expected to handle? Media outlets are also going to want to know if they are sitting down with Biden or they are merely speaking to a handler. Of course, there are some who believe that his voters do not actually care.

The voters have had their chances to choose someone else and it never seems to happen. As for the Trump campaign, they seem to be under the impression that the country will care about Biden being incompetent. There is precious little evidence to support that theory at the moment. Today’s voter seems more motivated by their opposition to the other guy, as opposed to believing in their guy’s policies.

Trump voters despise Biden and Biden voters despise Trump. It’s a simple proposition. This is not going to change for most voters, despite the media’s best efforts. Biden may not know where he is or what year it is but that’s not going to stop his voters from taking the plunge. Teleprompters are not going to sway them one way or the other.

To be fair, there’s not much that Trump voters could be swayed on either. At this point, the election could be held tomorrow and the results would probably be the same. The lines in the sand have been drawn and certain deep questions will probably never be answered. We’re used to such behaviors from the Democrats anyway.