Wow, the Truth Is Finally Coming out! Germany Was Aware of US Election Fraud the Night of Elections and Conspired to Hide It From the US


Brad Raffensperger and his attorney Ryan Germany should probably be trying their best to get their stores straight at the moment. As it turns out, these two charlatans are more closely involved in the election steal than anyone could have ever realized. We have already spoken extensively about the corrupt election process in the state of Georgia.

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger received a report about this widespread corruption but he was not willing to do anything about it. Instead, he claimed that everything was on the up and up. He says that the Georgia elections were secure and safe, despite all of the evidence that exists to the contrary.

The state of Georgia still has a lot of explaining to do but Raffensperger is not going to allow that to happen. He wants to make excuses for the massive voter fraud that took place and he acts like it is okay that all of the unbiased election observers were kicked out of the room. They did not want them to see all of the far left operatives who were running Biden votes through the machines, over and over again.

While President Trump tried his best to warn Raffensperger about all of this criminal activity, he was rebuffed. That’s the Democrats for you. Even when they are caught dead to rights, they still lie. Raffensperger and his attorney Ryan Germany were warned about this. Ballots were clearly pulled out from under the table and jammed through machines.

Now that Germany and Raffensperger have had a call that has been leaked to the press, it is interesting to see the denials still taking place. Trump discussed the actions that took place on the night of the election in full detail. “Let’s face it, Brad, I mean. They did it in slow-motion replay magnified, right? She stuffed the ballot boxes. They were stuffed like nobody had ever seen them stuffed before. So there’s a term for it when it’s a machine instead of a ballot box, but she stuffed the machine.

She stuffed the ballot — each ballot went three times they were showing: Here’s ballot No 1. Here it is second time, third time, next ballot.I mean, look. Brad. We have a new tape that we’re going to release. It’s devastating,” he said, in part The entire conversation is well worth reading about, though.

“I think it’s extremely unfortunate that Rudy Giuliani or his people, they sliced and diced that video and took it out of context. The next day we brought in WSB-TV and we let them show, see the full run of tape and what you’ll see, the events that transpired are nowhere near what was projected by, you know…” Raffensperger replied.

Brad may be claiming that the video was spliced but in all likelihood, this call was spliced. They wanted it to look like the president was begging them to change election results, which he wasn’t. The audio that was initially leaked was proven to be spliced by Raffensperger but no one wants to talk about that.

Believe it or not, it gets even worse from there. Carter Jones is the one who was responsible for creating a report that showcased the timeline of events. His report was then turned over to Raffensperger. Jones clearly states that Ralph Jones, who we have long known to be guilty, had “re-scanned some ballots that had already been processed by Shaye.”

Ryan Germany, the aforementioned attorney, obtained the information on Election Night but chose to do nothing with from there. No investigation was ordered, no one was interrogated and the whole thing was just supposed to go away. It is time for that investigation to take place and it is time for people to be held accountable. The information is right there and no one wants to do anything about it. At a certain point, enough has to be enough. They have been caught red handed.