Wow! Even Clueless NY Times Admits COVID Likely Escaped Chinese Bio Weapons Lab in Wuhan


Donald McNeil’s writing is something you are probably already familiar with, whether you realize it or not. He was pushed out of the New York Times last year, though. McNeil was asked to leave his post because he was found to have used the N-word during a past student trip. This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Executive Editor Dean Baquet was responsible for the investigation of the incident. This black executive editor tried his best to deal with it but that was not good enough. The overly woke newsroom staff at New York Times decided that this would not be sufficient and McNeil had to go. When 150 of them wrote a letter demanding that Baquet reverse course, that is just what he did.

“We do not tolerate racist language regardless of intent,” he said after capitulating to their concerns. Now, McNeil is freed of their shackles and is able to tell it like it is. He is advancing the Wuhan lab leak theory, like so many other credible journalists and scientists at the moment.

It is clear to see that this is something that they did not pull out of the sky. The liberals will want to silence McNeil again but there is not much that can be done this time. He’s already been relieved of his post. If he wants to write about things like these for his personal Medium page, we are not sure what they can do about this.

They’ll just have to cry on social media, as per their usual. The hate shares are also sure to be taking place as often as ever. That works in our favor, as it will force more people to see this story for themselves. McNeil even admits that the Times brushed the theory off at the time and attributed it to those pesky conservatives.

As it turns out, you can’t just write these things off to conspiracy theorizing. There are credible studies taking place and no one wants to seem to reckon with that at the moment. It’s as if America is too paralyzed in their fear of China to say what they really feel. There’s nothing to be gained by remaining silent, though.

There’s one excerpt from this piece that has stuck with us and we would like to share it here:

“For about a year, that was the general wisdom among science writers. The “lab-leak theory” migrated back to the far right where it had started — championed by the folks who brought us Pizzagate, the Plandemic, Kung Flu, Q-Anon, Stop the Steal, and the January 6 Capitol invasion. It was tarred by the fact that everyone backing it seemed to hate not just Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party, but even the Chinese themselves. It spawned racist rumors like “Chinese labs sell their dead experimental animals in food markets.”

China retorting to Trump administration nonsense with nonsense of its own — such as suggesting that U.S. military officers planted the virus during a visit to Wuhan in October 2019 — did not help.”

McNeil is probably overstating the matter a little but there’s no denying what is being said. Tucker Carlson also deserves a small measure of credit for jumping into the fray early on but the mainstream media is loathe to give him his credit for anything. At any rate, McNeil’s general point of view here is easy to follow. He was too quick to dismiss the lab leak theory before but he is coming around now.

He credits science writer Nicholas Wade with helping him to come to this newfound conclusion. While we wish that he had come aboard earlier, it is better late than never. He even took the time to speak with Dr. W. Ian Lipkin from Columbia University, who provided this stunning quote:

“That’s screwed up,” he said. “It shouldn’t have happened. People should not be looking at bat viruses in BSL-2 labs. My view has changed.”

If he can admit it, what’s stopping the rest of the leftists?