Wow! After Betraying Their Country and the Constitution FBI Brass Was Worried How Their Betrayal Would Be Portrayed by the Press


Maria Bartiromo of Sunday Morning Futures recently shared some astonishing text messages with the rest of the world. We are glad that these messages came to light, as they give us a much clearer picture of how corrupt the government really is. The FBI’s inner texts are even worse than we could have ever possibly imagined.

John Solomon joined Sunday Morning Futures to discuss them with Maria. The newly uncovered texts are sure to shock many who wanted to believe that the FBI are the good guys. These crooks should not be trusted to dispense justice. They are just as crooked as the next set of jackals, near as we can tell.

Just The News has the scoop. “A few weeks after Donald Trump won the White House, senior officials inside the FBI had their latest heartburn about the news media’s coverage of a burgeoning Russia collusion controversy and the lingering Hillary Clinton email scandal,” their report begins. This is all stuff that we were already aware of, for sure.

There’s more to the story, though. “The bureau had recently terminated its primary informant in the Russia probe Christopher Steele for leaking, and several of its leads about Russia-Trump collusion were falling apart. And inaccurate stories about the two biggest scandals in Washington were cropping up everywhere, even when FBI officials tried to work with reporters.”

Now we are getting somewhere! This is the truth that we have been waiting to hear the whole time. We are coming to the part of the story where everything starts to unravel for the FBI and their merry band of liars.

“Yes, the headline is REALLY misleading,” then-FBI deputy counsel Lisa Page wrote a colleague in a text message concerning a New York Times article that day. The text message didn’t further identify the article but made clear the article was the result of a bureau overture to reporters that backfired.

Page’s colleague reported that another official who saw the headline had “really flipped out,” “but then he read the article and was like ‘what’s the point?’ Which is really a question that answers itself.”

There’s a passage that does a lot of the heavy lifting! The bureau thought that they could control the narrative and their attempts backfired badly. If the conversation had ended there, it would have already been bad enough but nope! Things somehow continue to keep getting worse and worse.

“I’m glad it was so superficial,” the colleague added. “If they decide to start digging deep, we are screwed on trying to protect some of our stuff related to that case.”

Page wrote back saying the article likely was the result of an FBI overture that went awry. “My guess is we ‘suggested’ a good news story about the Bu,” she wrote. “To remind people that we are still the good guys trying to keep America safe and not political operatives who sway elections.”

Obama is responsible for this and while this may sound like an overstatement, it’s the absolute truth. He let the goons take over and now the FBI is an absolute joke. Any good name that they ever had has been sullied now. How can Americans keep allowing stories like these to be told?

It should be embarrassing to any American who wants to live in a country of respect. The FBI is allowing themselves to be turned into a mockery, right in front of our very eyes. Instead of doing their part to fight injustices, they let themselves be manipulated into becoming the personal posse of the Democrats.

When Barack and his cronies want something done to someone, the FBI carries it out now, no questions asked. Those who are willing to question them are treated like dirt. It’s sad to see that we have come to this. Text messages should not have to be revealed for the American people as a whole to realize just how ridiculous things have become.