Why the Democratic Authoritarian Approach Won’t Help the Pandemic


“Stay in your home.” “Wear a mask.” “Don’t open your businesses.” “Don’t meet in groups larger than 10.” There are a lot of demands being thrown out from Democratic mayors and governors. Their authoritarian approach has raised the hair on the backs of necks across the country as people realize what it could mean to be under the influence of Democrats on a national level.

The Democratic authoritarian approach is failing during the pandemic. Across the country, a second wave is showing up – and many of these are in the smaller cities and towns that thought they’d be immune from it all.

Democratic leadership has failed. Despite what Andrew Cuomo’s book says about his “leadership” during the COVID-19 pandemic, the New York governor did not handle things right, and people died as a result. In almost every Dem-led city and state, you can see how it’s failing.

Globally, there’s a problem with the authoritarian approach during the pandemic.

It’s no longer just about eradicating COVID-19. It’s also about gaining freedom once again as there have been so many countries to impose restrictions on our civil liberties.

As the Dems throw the blame on Trump for not doing enough, the same can be said about them for doing too much. Authoritarianism doesn’t work, especially in the US. It’s one of the reasons why there was a kidnapping attempt on Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan – she held the entire state hostage with her over-the-top executive orders.

Other countries are struggling with the pandemic, too – and these are authoritarian governments like Algeria, Iran, Russia, Turkey, and Zimbabwe – and that’s just to name a few. People are refusing to recognize the severity of the problem, they’re suppressing the voices that have valuable information, and they won’t take sufficient action to safeguard their populations.

There are only a handful of countries that have been able to use authoritarianism to control the pandemic, such as Vietnam and Bahrain. However, these countries’ citizens are used to such authority. They obey because it is part of the culture. Obedience has never been one of America’s strong suits. We are the land of the free, and we hold tight to our Constitutional rights.

Even when countries have done everything they could, locked cities down, and held everyone accountable, they were hit by subsequent outbreaks. Political pressure isn’t going to help the economy and it’s not going to stop the spread of the pandemic. Yet, countries around the globe are now dealing with the pandemic and political pressure – a dangerous combination.

Democrats like Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, and Hillary Clinton want to say how they could have handled the pandemic better than Donald Trump. They claim that if they had been in power, the pandemic would be over. That’s not accurate, though, because they have a history of taking an authoritarian approach.

Dems in California, New York, Michigan, Washington, and beyond are being more authoritarian than anyone would have guessed. And is it helping? Absolutely not.

They would have shown plenty of weaknesses of their own. No country has the pandemic fully under control regardless of what approach they’re taking.

However, there’s one thing that’s clear: the authoritarian approach is failing. The authoritarian leaders are spinning conspiracy theories to create fear. They are hiding from the problem as opposed to dealing with it head-on. Biden has spent most of the pandemic hiding in his basement – and that’s the kind of leadership that he offers our country? That would be a hard pass.

Trump has based his actions on what the CDC and Dr. Fauci have been telling the administration. He’s listening to experts. Yet, the Dems don’t want to listen to science. Governor Cuomo himself said that he made decisions in New York-based predominantly on fear rather than medicine and science.

We don’t need the hysterics nor do we need authoritarianism. We need to listen to the facts and deal with the pandemic carefully and by using science, just as Trump has been doing all along.