Why Buycotts are Better Than Boycotts


A company pisses off the liberals…and it involves a boycott. It seems like that is their only tactic to deal with things these days. They’ll invite Americans to stop buying a product all because the company doesn’t have the same leftist way of thinking.

Boycotts are dangerous. It can impact good, hardworking businesses. It can affect the employment of hundreds or thousands of employees who work for those businesses. And, it can affect the tax dollars those businesses pay to the government.

Boycotts also are dependent on people giving up something – and perhaps it’s something that they love.

Is that really the way that we should be acting?

Buycotts are a better idea – and Charlie Kirk, a conservative activist, and writer, has suggested that it’s time to take a more positive step against the “woke” corporations in the country.

As Kirk suggests, it’s easier to spend money to feel good than to avoid spending because it feels bad.

As such, it’s time to ask people to spend money in order to help companies learn what’s really going on.

It’s time that Americans start to embrace a “buycott” mentality as opposed to boycotts.

“It is time for those who embrace the ideals of free-market capitalism, constitutional principles, and limited government to get actively and enthusiastically behind the notion of finding products and services that are direct substitutes to those supplied by ‘woke’ corporations and their CEOs who are lecturing us on what it means to be a good citizen.”

Essentially, it’s time to start supporting the companies that understand the needs of the many instead of the ideals of the new.

We don’t need a liberal CEO to lecture us about gun control, systemic racism, or anything else. Companies need to focus on delivering the promised product or service without making everything so political.

The companies that aren’t lecturing and that are focusing on simply being an American product should be rewarded.

Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, both Georgia-based companies, came out to publicly shame the Georgia election laws. Then, it wasn’t long before Major League Baseball followed suit.

It wasn’t long before conservatives called upon Americans to boycott those brands. After all, if the liberals can do it, so can the conservatives.

The problem is that boycotts aren’t really as effective as people think they are. It involves people having to give something up. Is anyone really going to give up their Coca-Cola or stop flying on Delta because of this? No.

It’s why the “buycott” becomes the better idea.

We find new products to buy. We support small businesses that will give the large corporations with their greedy, sinful, and manipulative ways a run for their money. As Kirk says, we “compete with these corporate tyrants.”

We look elsewhere. We don’t simply give a product up – we find a better substitute.

By choosing to simply not give our business to those companies is not enough. We must actually choose to give our business to those that could be their downfall.

The Democrats have been working to slowly change the infrastructure of the country. They’re looking to renovate the Constitution and change the way in which democracy is handled.

In order to carry out their plan, they’ve worked on gaining the majority in the House and Senate. They’ve used tactics to get the media, universities, and even large corporations on their side.

The only thing that the GOP can do is fight against the system. We have to show that truth can prevail. And, we have to make a statement with what we buy and how we buy it.

It’s possible to combine action with outrage in order to perform an American buycott. Why give something up when you don’t have to? When you’re fueled by enough rage over what the Democrats are doing, you’ll never do business with certain brands ever again.

With enough buycotting, it can tear down the system that the Dems have worked to build.