Who’s Running the Country? Hint: It’s Not Biden and No, She Is Not Qualified!


When it was time to take a call with the prime minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, Harris was the one to do so. What was Biden doing at the time? The “president” was seen wandering aimlessly around a hardware store in Washington, D.C. This is what the leader of the free world has been reduced to.

“The Vice President thanked the Prime Minister for Norway’s close security partnership with the United States and generous contributions to development and health security efforts around the world,” the readout for the call stated. This is not the first time that Kamala has been the one who had to speak with a foreign dignitary.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel was the last foreign leader that she spoke with, as Biden spent the conversation stumbling about the White House. It’s a bit ridiculous that she is already this deeply entrenched in foreign policy talks when she’s only been the vice president for a few weeks. The Trump administration would never have allowed such a thing to happen.

Mike Pence was not given these sorts of opportunities during his time as vice president because Trump had the mental capacity to do his own job. He was able to focus on the duties that are performed by a vice president, which was better for us all. Biden’s basically got the life of a spoiled teenager at this point, not a president.

He’s already been given the chance to sleep in and play video games at Camp David all weekend while Harris is the one who is fielding all of the important calls. Kamala knew that she was probably going to get her shot but she never could have imagined that it would happen so quickly. Hopefully, French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were not too offended by the lack of attention Biden has to offer.

That’s the part that worries us. What happens if the foreign leaders that are getting foisted on Harris start to take offense to what is taking place? It’s probably hard to explain the current situation to any foreign leader that is not accustomed to dealing with this sort of thing. If Biden wants to take lots of naps and play video games, that’s on him.

Unfortunately, there are some foreign leaders who are simply not going to look at it this way. They may view this White House’s reaction as a form of disrespect. How can that be explained away? “Sir, we are sorry that the president cannot come to the phone right now, he’s all tuckered out. You can speak to the vice president, though.”

If nothing else, Harris is getting some valuable reps that are sure to help her once she has ascended into the big chair. It might be a bit too early for some of us but at least she is trying to get the basics down pat. Biden managed to hold up his end of the bargain, which was leveraging the pandemic to ascend to the presidency.

Now, Harris is going to learn if she is cut out for the job. This is on-the-job training to the highest extent. In a weird way, it’s kind of smart for the Biden administration to throw her into the deep end now. If Biden really isn’t fit to hold office, they need to find out if Harris is up to the task as soon as possible. That way, they can decide who else they need to enlist if she’s not able to handle the presidency.