Who Riots Better, the Left or the Right? Let’s See Who Loses


The chances of being arrested for rioting are fairly slim since there are so many other rioters for the police to choose from. This fact alone draws out people who might otherwise live a peaceful and law-abiding life, especially if they are passionate enough about their cause.

Just this past summer America witnessed widespread rioting as BLM protestors swooped down on major cities with looting, burning, plundering, and devastating mass destruction. It was such as this nation has not seen since the mid-1960 racial wars.

As proof positive of how America’s political cohesiveness has reached the tippy-top of polarization, new arguments have erupted between liberals and patriots. Who riots better?

We’ve created a second “who won” type of scenario and we needed no assistance to make it happen. It’s our nature. We’re a competitive society, so to us, protesting and politics are sports. Choosing a side is a must.

But in this game, there are no clear-cut winners. America loses. The millions upon millions of peaceful citizens who choose not to take to the streets in violent protest, all lose, be they Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, the Green, or the Veteran’s party.

But, for the sake of our inherent nature, let’s take a look at this past summer’s activity versus one day at the Capitol building.

In one corner of the ring, you have the death of George Floyd which lit the fuse of undue police violence being used against persons of color. Then comes Jacob Blake, Brianna Taylor, and others.

The more alleged acts of police violence that came bobbing to the surface, the worse things became. Violence erupted as stores were looted, statues were ripped from their bases and destroyed, police officers were brutally attacked, and fires were lit.

The damage alone amounted to billions of dollars and the cities that were hit the hardest will take at least a decade to economically recover. Many privately owned businesses never recovered, destroying jobs and livelihoods. And, last but certainly not least, the BLM riots were responsible for 20 deaths, none of which should have ever occurred.

And leave it to the liberal media to have egged the protestors on by running stories on the effectiveness of rioting. A liberal data analyst who disagreed with the viewpoint of his media peers was fired for tweeting how in actuality, riots are counterproductive. Can’t have a guy like that hanging around.

There were mixed emotions concerning photos of police officers kneeling with protestors versus those depicting police violence being used against peaceful protestors. Yet other photos showed both peaceful protestors and violent mobs.

In the opposite corner, wearing the MAGA trunks, you have the fun-loving boys and girls who seized the home of all Americans, the sacred Capitol building. This has not been accomplished since 1814 when during the War of 1812 the British abruptly kicked its doors in.

But you see, here’s the thing, it was all done based on the falsehood of the election being stolen. This need not have happened. Considering how the majority of us red-blooded Americans still profess loyalty to country above all else, this statement shouldn’t surprise even the most hardcore of patriots. Extremists excluded.

Five people, once again, needlessly died. One was a police officer who expected to go home to a hot meal that night. His wife did all that cooking for nothing.

The Capitols windows were busted out prior to the inside lobby, chambers, and offices being ransacked by an unruly mob as the highly outnumbered Capitol Police Force helplessly watched. Parts of the carpet were saturated with urine and human feces was later discovered.

Pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, and guns and ammo were found in vehicles parked nearby. As if planning a hostage situation, some of the rioters were carrying zip ties. So things could have gotten far worse.

In a rare moment of unity, both conservative and liberal news sources condemned the attempted coup. The filmed footage could only show the truth. Not one lone journalist dared make an excuse for what America had witnessed with its own eyes.

Videos showed police officers being attacked by a mob. They show teargas being dispersed. They show drawn weapons. We would all be wise to ignore the fake photos of smiling cops politely holding the door open for their honored guests.

So there it is. We’ve compared the two and determined there to be no winner. We lost. All of us. But as we always do, America will survive and be the stronger for it.