While the Bidens Get Rich With China the Chinese Turn Hong Kong Into a Concentration Camp


Hong Kong was once a beautiful city that stood as a shining example for the rest of the world to follow. This city is now in danger of vanishing entirely, at least in the form that we knew it. China has taken over the city and they are not planning to relinquish their control anytime soon. This is where we go and find our surprised faces.

It’s a sad fall. Our friends over at the Gateway Pundit were praising them for how they handled this city. It compared favorably to American Democrats, providing them with a helpful example to look towards. All of that has been ruined and we find ourselves wondering what comes next.

“Today Hong Kong is recognized as a separate country in most country classifications because of the “one country, two systems” approach by the Communist Chinese. Hong Kong has a budget surplus nearly every year. This is in spite of the country providing basically free health care to all its citizens and proving free housing for 30% of its population. Hong Kong is rated number one in the world with the world’s freest economy and Hong Kong is known as the financial center of Asia,” said the Gateway Pundit back in 2017.

It only took a few years for the tables to turn entirely. China has taken over Hong Kong and is essentially running the government now. They are not looking to accept any input and they are changing all of the rules that are currently on the books, so that they can wield an even larger amount of control.

The elections in Hong Kong were supposed to have taken place this year but China has found a reason to delay them. Much like American Democrats, they are using the COVID-19 crisis as a means of getting their way. They have also passed one of their most dangerous laws yet.

Anyone who speaks ill of China is risking getting sent to jail. This law allows anyone who does not have positive things to say about China to be tossed in jail without so much as a second thought. China is being allowed to extend their reign of terror even further and it is hurtful to watch Hong Kong be reduced to rubble because of their unwillingness to play by the rules.

According to the Guardian, China is also preventing citizens from being able to leave the country. This report is appalling:

Hong Kong has passed a new immigration law that includes powers to stop people entering or leaving the city, raising fears of Chinese mainland-style “exit bans” in the international business hub.

The legislation sailed through a legislature now devoid of opposition, as Beijing has quashed dissent and sought to make the semi-autonomous city more like the authoritarian mainland after huge and often violent democracy protests.

Activists, lawyers and some business figures have sounded the alarm over provisions in the bill, including one allowing the city’s immigration chief to bar people from boarding planes to and from the city. No court order is required and there is no recourse to appeal. The city’s bar association (HKBA) said the bill’s wording gave “apparently unfettered power” to the immigration director.

Labour activists and legal critics said the legislature had ignored concerns about the law’s broad wording, and they feared exit bans could now be used in Hong Kong. “When they have this power, absolute power, you don’t know who they will use it on,” said one barrister, Chow Hang-tung, from the pro-democracy Hong Kong Alliance.”

China has been choking the life out of this city for at least year now. Can you believe that travelers who come to Hong Kong are now being asked to quarantine, at their own expense? Hong Kong once had one of the most efficient airports in the entire world, with over 250,000 travelers per day. That number has dwindled significantly, reaching as low as 5,000 per day. Hong Kong was once the freest country in the world but China has seen to it and now, things are getting dire.