What’s Happening in Biden’s America? Man Attacked in NYC With a Hatchet While Withdrawing Money From ATM


These are the stories that make us wonder what the “defund the police!” crowd is even thinking. This is the sort of crime that they are powerless to stop and they want the police to be defanged, as well as defunded. Instead of reciting liberal catchphrases that have no basis in reality, they should stop to consider stories like this one.

This is the story of a brazen attack that took place in NYC, as a 51-year-old man was brutalized with a hatchet for the crime of trying to withdraw money from an ATM machine. The attack occurred just before 5:30 p.m. at an ATM inside a Chase Bank vestibule on Broadway near Beaver Street in the Financial District. How anyone could feel safe without police after seeing this story is beyond our comprehension.

The New York Post has obtained video of the incident and it is a tough watch. We would like to warn anyone who is considering taking a closer look before they press play. It’s hard to see our fellow Americans suffering like this, especially in a scenario where an attack is not even being provoked. What could anyone possibly have done to deserve this?

The attacker walks up behind the man, removes the hatchet from a dark-colored bag and proceeds to attack. The slashing that takes place here made us wince. For those who are not looking to watch the video, the Post has a more detailed explanation of this attack.

“The frightened and bloodied victim tries to fend off the brutal assault, falling to the floor several times as he futilely attempts to grab his crazed assailant’s weapon, the footage shows,” the Post report elaborates. “When the unidentified suspect is finished beating his victim, he smashes the screens of the cash-dispensing machines before walking away — and leaving the hatchet and his backpack behind, according to police.”

This is a harrowing look into the world that the liberals want. In their minds, these people should all be left to fend for themselves. In a world without police, there is no safe way to visit an ATM machine. These attacks would immediately become commonplace. Sadly, the victim of the attack was hospitalized but they are in stable condition at the moment. This is a shocking, yet welcomed development.

Can you imagine being attacked with a hatchet in this sort of setting and living to tell the tale? We cannot lie. When we first saw the video, we were stunned. We did not think that this victim was going to be able to survive. The attacker has not even been apprehended yet, which is something that we are going to be blaming on the liberals of this country.

Officers in larger cities like New York are retiring in droves because they have had enough of being pushed out of their posts. They are willfully walking away and leaving the streets behind. No one will actually appreciate all that they have done for us until they are no longer willing to protect and serve.

We shudder to think of how scared this neighborhood full of people must be. Imagine hearing that a local resident in your area was attacked with a hatchet while trying to use an ATM and nothing even came of it? We would be ready to move away entirely and we won’t be surprised if the city starts to experience a mass exodus.

In fact, no one should be at this point. Everyday Americans want to live in a place where law and order still matter. They do not want to reside in a country where they could be murdered with a hatchet just for going to the ATM and trying to withdraw a little bit of money. Biden has created a world where these people are more than comfortable with behaving this way because they know that they are never going to have to answer for any of it.