What Happens to Trumpism Now? Will It Die or Will Patriots Carry the Torch?


With Donald Trump moving out of the White House, Trumpism is going to die a rapid death. His many avid supports will realize the fight is over and will go back to whatever they were doing before as though the man had never existed. Trump was just another flash in the pan.

The failed president will hang his head in shame as he enters the seclusion of his Florida fortress, Mar-a-Lago. If you believe this rhetoric you haven’t been paying close enough attention. None of this is going to happen.

Because Donald Trump created a populist-nationalist movement that isn’t going anywhere, his vacating the office means nothing. The movement clings to a political doctrine that is considered unfavorable by the incoming administration.

The movement shows great concern about the possible elimination of Trump’s America-first policy. The butchering of the trade policies he’s worked so diligently to enact. The adoption of a new-world-order, and fear that the government will operate in best the interest of oligarchic’s only.

The core element of the movement is restoration. America needs to be set back on the same axis that has allowed it to survive over the centuries. This notion has mass appeal to conservatives who have felt this way even prior to Trump taking office. It just took the prez to turn it into a full-fledged movement.

Though Trump readily pounced on populist and nationalist causes, he didn’t always succeed. He’s been inconsistent and self-absorbed to the point of leaving many of the issues he championed with GOP, incomplete.

His promised skills-based immigration plan never reached fruition, there has been little progress made with Chinese trade deals, and we have yet to withdraw from any decades-long wars.

But one must also consider how Trump had an unfair advantage. Not only did he face constant and consistent push back from political liberals, but he was tackling a mess that’s been around before anyone reading this was born.

One man in four short years cannot possibly correct the abundance of wretched policies and mistakes made during America’s history. But it took only one guy to give it a go.

Trumpism, as it is now referred to, was around long before its namesake who merely brought things to the surface. Republican politicians prior to Trumps’ election were too afraid to voice their opinions.

They sat quietly by shaking their heads at what they disagreed with but had no power to change. They were docile and never fought. Trump changed all of that by showing them how it’s okay to be a loud squeaky wheel.

In 2000, George W. Bush ran for the presidency on a much tamer platform. He believed in humility and graciousness, and as a result, was never able to impress upon anyone about the disastrous direction our country was heading if we didn’t change. He hadn’t the ability to reach people the same as Trump. He had no ability in getting his point across.

In direct contrast to Bush, Trump came storming in like a bull in a china shop. Not being a career politician he didn’t hold with the protocol of being nice and syrupy about things. Being this way allowed him to place the problems of America on full display, and it signaled a call to conservatives that now was their time.

And now is still the time for conservations to act and not go back to being complacent like in days of yore. Trump may have not succeeded with everything he intended to get done, but he stirred a movement that is still alive today, and for all intents and purposes will never again retreat to the shadows.

In this regard, Trump cannot be considered a failure for what he tried to do, he’s more of an American hero for waking the nation up and teaching Republicans to use their voices. Now it’s up to us to finish what he was only given a chance to start.