What Are They Hiding? Colorado Secretary Issues Executive Order to Prohibit State Election Audits


Democrat Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold made an announcement on Thursday that was definitely meant to serve as a major swipe at the state of Arizona. For those who have been living under a rock for the past few months, the state of Arizona has been trying their best to stop the election steal. They are currently in the process of having their own election audit.

“My office just issued rules prohibiting sham election audits in the State of Colorado. We will not risk the state’s election security nor perpetuate The Big Lie. Fraudits have no place in Colorado,” said Griswold. This is a clear shot across the bow of Arizona. According to her subsequent press release, Colorado’s elections are thought to be “the safest in the nation”.

The following is the full statement from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office:

“The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office today adopted emergency elections rules prohibiting third-parties from accessing voting equipment in the state of Colorado.

“Colorado’s elections are considered the safest in the nation, and we must remain steadfast in our dedication to security,” said Secretary of State Jena Griswold. “Along those lines, no third-party person or vendor will be permitted access to voting equipment in our state. We will not risk the state’s election security nor perpetuate The Big Lie. Sham audits have no place in Colorado.”

The new and amended rules, which have been implemented immediately, reinforce who can access state-certified voting systems. In order to access any component of a county’s voting system, a person must have passed a comprehensive criminal background check and be either an employee of the county clerk, an employee of the voting system provider, an employee of the Secretary of State’s Office, or an appointed election judge.

The rules further enable the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office to limit or prohibit the use of, as well as decertify, any voting systems component in the event of a break in its chain-of-custody or other hardware security compromises, such that its security and integrity can no longer be verified.

A third-party vendor with no election experience is currently performing a faulty, unsecure election audit in Arizona and calls for such sham audits have been spreading in other states. Several Colorado counties have been contacted by third parties offering to conduct audits. Colorado already administers post-election Risk Limiting Audits after every statewide election, which gives a statistical level of confidence that the outcome of an election is correct.”

What is the state of Colorado trying to accomplish here? They should know better than to behave as if they are above the law like this. If everything is on the up and up there, why would they mind if someone took a closer look? Near as we can tell, they are coming up with excuses and they are running scared. They do not want a fair electoral process and anyone who thinks that they do is severely kidding themselves.

If they are so certain that no form of fraud is taking place, they need to back it up by allowing a closer look at the ballots. States that are not concerned about these sorts of things are not going to pass laws that preemptively block audits from taking place. This is just common sense.

The far left encourages these types of things, though. They think that Colorado is making the right decision and that states like Arizona are merely wasting everyone’s time. Unfortunately, a steal of this magnitude will require a lot of effort to fully uncover. It does not get any easier when the Democrats are trying to block it each and every step of the way.

The states that are controlled by Democrats are always going to engage in these sorts of tactics. With any luck, all of their illicit methods will be uncovered as soon as possible. We should not have to live in a country where fair elections are no longer a certainty.