What a Joke! Biden Says Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal Couldn’t Been Done Any Better


The White House was bound to try and rationalize this fiasco one way or another. We are just surprised at what they have settled on. The idea that this was somehow a best-case scenario is ludicrous but it has not stopped them from perpetrating it. Biden is already looking irritated and giving speeches that lean heavily in this direction.

Personally, our favorite part of this one is when Stephanopoulos asked him about the Afghans who were desperate to escape and falling to their deaths, as they clung for dear life to the exterior of United States military planes. This would have been the perfect time for Biden to display a little bit of humanity but that was too much to ask, apparently.

“That was four days ago, five days ago!” Biden shouted, sounding clearly annoyed. This is a disgusting display but it is not a surprising one. We all know how Biden does when he is forced to answer for anything that he does. Joe thinks that something should be out of the news cycle 48 hours after it has taken place.

Mind you, this is not the mentality that they had when it came to the last president. Every day, they wanted to go over the latest happenings with Trump over and over again. Meanwhile, Biden is presiding over a massive international crisis that he is solely responsible for creating and he wants everyone to forget about it in less than a week.

It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? We thought that he was the president who was all about empathy. He claimed that he was the anti-Trump but Trump would never have dreamed of doing something this cruel. If the White House wants to stay on message going forward, they may need to make a decision that we never thought possible.

It may be time for Kamala Harris to step up to the mic. She’s no great shakes as a leader, either, but she might be able to remain a bit more composed than Biden. Sleepy Joe always looks ready to fly off the handle as soon as any decision that he makes is questioned in any meaningful way. “The idea that somehow, there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing—I don’t know how that happens,” Biden claimed.

In a fair and just world, real reporters would have pushed back against this lie and torn him to ribbons. We already know that the mainstream media is going to treat him with kid gloves on this one. “What could poor little Joey have done here? His hands were tied!” has been the main take that they are offering so far, which only works if you are a small child yourself.

Only someone with a first grader’s point of view could possibly side with Biden on this one. We know that the vote blue, no matter who crowd is very pleased with this, too. They can tell people that Biden “ended” this conflict and walk off without explaining what happened next. The funniest part? We have recent video of Biden claiming that the conflict would not be addressed in a chaotic manner.

His willingness to say one thing and then do one thing is without peer. We are used to politicians pulling out BS explanations for their actions but this one takes the cake. Biden does not want to reassure anyone, he is just mad that his authority is being questioned in any sort of conceivable way.

In our minds, he gave this operation the green light and he knew full well that it was going to turn into a horrific fiasco. From there, he banked on the mainstream media to cover for him and that’s exactly what happened. Hopefully, the Afghan people are able to survive the onslaught that Joe Biden is responsible for creating. At least the Taliban is newly woke now!