Welcome to Biden’s America! Biden Admin Warns Americans Celebrating 4th of July Are Likely Domestic Terrorists


The latest Department of Homeland Security bulletin is offering a dire warning. According to the DHS, “violent extremists might seek to exploit easing COVID-19 restrictions, increased access to mass gatherings, and possible changes in levels of violence during the summer months to conduct attacks against a range of potential targets with little or no warning.”

This is the 4th of July gift that Americans are receiving from their lovely president. He is telling everyone that they are domestic terrorists. ABC News has obtained the bulletin, which does not offer up any warning about a specific act of violence that is being planned. They simply want Americans to be afraid of one another and that is all there is to it.

The Feds are claiming that they are seeing lots of online chatter from white supremacists that is getting worrisome, though. ABC News has more about the latest intel:

“Federal authorities are deeply concerned about the possibility of domestic terror and violence, including mass shootings, as the Fourth of July holiday approaches and the summer season gets fully underway.

“In recent weeks, domestic violent extremists (DVEs) motivated by various violent ideologies have continued to advocate violence and plan attacks,” the bulletin said. “As of 16 June, racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist-white supremacists (RMVE-WSs) were sharing downloadable links to a publication discussing targeting mass gatherings, critical infrastructure, and law enforcement officers.”

While no specific plot has been identified for Independence Day, the intelligence brief ominously notes that federal officials are seeing evidence of planning by radicals — particularly white supremacists and violence-prone people.

“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is focused on the nexus between violence, and extremist ideologies,” the DHS said in a statement to ABC News. “DHS is enhancing its ability to prevent acts of domestic terrorism inspired by disinformation, conspiracy theories, and false narratives spread through social media and other online platforms. DHS is committed to sharing information with our partners to ensure the safety and security of all communities across the country. We encourage the public to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to local and state law enforcement, and the FBI.”

There you have it. Joe Biden has encouraged everyone to start hating each other and these reports are definitely not going to help in that regard. They are stirring the pot in a way that is not beneficial. We are going to be very honest here: we do not buy into these reports at all.

Biden and company are essentially asking Americans to tattle on each other and this is not the first time that he’s said things like this. In his perfect world, Americans would be ratting on one another left and right. It’s all a part of Biden’s new plan to pin all of the issues that take place in this country on “white supremacists”.

None of these reports make even a little bit of sense if you take the time to really look them over. All they do is provide fun headlines for liberals. They can share them on social media and act like Biden is on their side in some way. News flash to these people: he is not.

None of this has anything to do with the American people. Biden just wants to plunge us into a new era of fascism. None of the regulations he proposes will do anything to stop crimes of this nature. All he is doing is forcing innocent Americans to pick sides against one another.

The Department of Homeland Security used to serve a very important function and now they exist to carry out the whims of the liberals. They want to hear that the white man is to blame for all of their problems, even when most of these people are white themselves. It’s a hilarious juxtaposition that we will never be able to get enough of. We see through the games and we hope you do, too.