We Saw This Before! Illinois Orders Unvaccinated Must Wear Openly Visible Yellow Badges


Galesburg, IL School District 205 Superintendent John Asplund sent the most unhinged e-mail to all of his staff members. The school has enacted their own ID badge policy and they are now giving staffers the option to identify as vaccinated. In most instances, staff members wear the customary white ID badge. Now, they will have the chance to wear yellow ID badges, which indicate that they are vaccinated.

We saw the screenshot of the e-mail and trust us, it is every bit as psychotic as you would have expected. In case you have yet to see it for yourself, here goes nothing! “Dear District 205 staff member, I am writing to you today to make you aware of an option that is now available if you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We have purchased ID badges that are yellow for those who wish to be easily identified as having received their full vaccination.

If you would like to change your ID from white to yellow, please present your proof of vaccination at the District Office (932 Harrison St) and we will provide you with your new ID. This process will begin on Monday, August 2nd and will run at least through August 31st. We ask that you only come between the hours of 1-3 PM.

This is entirely optional. At this point in time, proof of vaccination does not give you any additional benefits, but there could be a point in time where mask requirements may be lessened for those who can prove that they are fully vaccinated.”

Of course, this is all insane and there is a lot of pushback taking place already. Our friends over at the Gateway Pundit have shared a message from one reader that we could not agree more with. These are the brave patriots whose voices need to be amplified during these trying times. Before we continue, it is important to note that the school’s policy is not going to be extended to the students. Only faculty members are going to be affected at the moment.

Without further ado, here is the dispatch from The Gateway Pundit:

This is horrific and abhorrent.

No school, employer, or any other type of entity has any right to stigmatize people or make people in any way display any sort of mark or indicator that communicates their vaccination status or any other health or personal criteria that is no one else’s business to know.

This policy will prompt a lot of bullying, ostracism, and cliquish behavior.

This is eerily similar to how the Nazis made Jews wear a yellow Star of David to publicly indicate that they were Jewish.

This needs to be strongly protested and promptly stopped.

The passage in the email that states, “At this point in time, proof of vaccination does not give you any additional benefits…” is striking to me.

What is the point of getting vaccinated if you still have to wear a mask? Making vaccinated people wear a mask is stupid and senseless.

Many people who got the vaccine did so with the understanding that the vaccination would allow them to live life without being masked.

This just shows that you can’t comply or bargain your way out of tyranny. This lesson has been demonstrated throughout history.”

Americans have the right to live free, regardless of their vaccination status. No one should be able to bully their fellow Americans like this but this is the world that we live in now. It is perfectly okay for liberals to force their mindsets and their experimental vaccines on us, though.

We have rights and they are being stripped away from us on a constant basis. While the far left is lining their pockets at our expense, we are now being forced into the margins of society. It won’t be long before all jobs are forcing people to vaccinate. The war is brewing and it won’t be long before it is fully on!