Watch out America! Race Fraudster Pocahontas Wants to Be Biden’s Treasury Secretary


The Joe Biden truthers have been claiming that he’s not going to do anything that drastic. “He’s a moderate at heart,” they have said. “He will fill the cabinet with people who are rational,” they reasoned. Biden himself is not going to be following these directives, though. You can tell that he is getting more and more used to the idea that he will win.

“This election is a choice between the AMERICAN DREAM and a SOCIALIST NIGHTMARE,” said Trump and we could not agree more. We thought that the Democrats would ease into the process of becoming socialists. You know how it goes. They’ll slap a tax on the rich when they first arrive and then the taxation will creep on down the income ladder.

That’s how they get the leftists to go with them. Meanwhile, Biden is already looking to install Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in very prominent positions. If they are going to have key economic positions, Biden may have made a huge mistake by tipping his hand too early. Trump can now head to the swing states and let them know about what they are risking by voting for Sleepy Joe.

He’s already been having success with the anti-socialist rhetoric in Florida, where all of the Cuban and Venezuela immigrants are standing behind him. These people have the sort of firsthand experience that cannot be discounted. The privileged liberals who think that they can benefit from socialism have no clue about what it is actually like for the people who have to endure it.

“Elizabeth Warren wants to be Joe Biden’s Treasury secretary and will make her case for it if he wins next week, according to three Democratic officials who have spoken with her inner circle…

Warren’s allies say that the job is appealing because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enact some of the “big structural change” she talked about during the presidential primary, rather than just pressuring Cabinet officials from her Senate perch. Much of her life’s work has revolved around the intricate rules and levers of power in the executive branch,” reads a report from those familiar with her thinking.

We doubt that the country would be willing to tolerate a socialist as their Treasury secretary, especially not someone as controversial as Warren. There are a few too many barriers that would need to be broken down. For starters, Biden would have to assuage Wall Street on the matter. They are not going to view Sanders or Warren kindly.

They may even look at the appointments as a declaration of war. We don’t even know if Warren could be confirmed, that’s how remote her chances seem to be. You can’t put anything past the newly woke Biden but we believe that this is probably a bridge too far. He’s not going to want to ruffle feathers by immediately bringing Bernie and Elizabeth into the fold.

On the other hand, Biden has made a lot of promises to his progressive voters. They are not going to be appeased as easily as some might think. After all, if he wins, he’s not going to want to turn the White House back over to the GOP in four years. He has a fantasy about handing it all over to Kamala Harris and turning the White House into a leftist dynasty of sorts. He shouldn’t be scaring people off by tipping his hand on Sanders’ and Warren’s ideas.

Ilhan Omar is also fueling the speculation. When she had a recent sit down with HBO reporters, she said that the progressives are dreaming some very big dreams. If you’d like to see more of her commentary, this is an interview that you are going to want to watch in full. Biden may think that he is getting the progressives excited but in reality, he is handing Trump plenty of ammunition to use against him.