Watch Kenosha Biden Voters Burn American Flags While Screaming “Death To America!


Kenosha has been a war zone ever since this weekend and the latest images that are coming out of this city are particularly disturbing. Black Lives Matter rioters have set the city’s courthouse on fire and as if this were not enough, they are also torching American flag. The rioters are no longer peaceful and they have begun to speak as if they are domestic terrorists.

They have certainly mastered the language of terrorism, that is for sure. Young people are outside of the courthouse, screaming things like “kill the police!” and “death to America!”, terrifying citizens in the process. How would you feel if your town was ripped apart by rioters who are only out for themselves? That’s what the citizens of Kenosha, Wisconsin are dealing with right now.

Town hall reporter Julio Rosas was on the scene and he’s captured all of these moments. While the mainstream media may decide to turn a blind eye to what is going on at the moment, the local media has no choice but to reckon with it. This is the America that Joe Biden wants and these are his supporters running amok in the streets.

It won’t be long before the militias arrive to restore order. These militias are going to be counting on armed citizens to help them as well. It’s the only way to properly protect property (and human lives) from these angry mobs. If the Democrats want to stop being linked to these domestic terrorists, they need to start offering up more commentary about the attacks.

When you remain silent like this, you are giving everyone the impression that you are in favor of the violence. The Democrats have yet to say anything that would make anyone think that they are not standing in total solidarity with the protesters. As the election draws closer, we expect that to change. The polls are showing that the Black Lives Matter movement is losing popularity.

Let’s be very honest with each other here: supporting Black Lives Matter is all about the optics. Biden and Harris are well aware of their respective public perceptions. Harris was unable to gain any real traction during the primaries because the Democrat voters were calling her a police officer. They couldn’t wait to bring up the former Attorney General’s voting record.

As for Biden, his past voting record is also well documented. They may be able to present themselves as wonderful, kind liberals today but the truly astute observers are not about to fall for their tricks. That’s why they are both paralyzed with fear at the moment. If they say anything that is perceived as being less than kind to the protesters, they’re going to lose whatever lead they have in the polls very quickly.

The Republicans do not have any such concerns and this will allow them to turn the tide as the polls start to turn against the BLM movement. There’s only so much violence that the average American is going to be willing to stand for, even if they support the movement in principle. Meanwhile, there are some who are wondering if outside instigators are to blame.

It does seem quite strange to us at times, especially the sheer number of anti Americans who seem to turn out for these protests. If there was such a strong anti American sentiment bubbling beneath the surface, why does it take so long to come out? That’s why so many people are unsure as to whether these protests are legitimate or not. No one knows if the sentiments being expressed are real or a big show for social media.

One thing’s for sure, the mainstream media will always be on hand to either ignore the story or twist it to fit their own narratives. In the meantime, our hearts go out to all of the citizens who are being affected by this wave of violence.