Watch Fauci Squirm After Being Confronted Over His COVID Origin Lies


Senator Dr. Rand Paul has taken a lot of delight in shredding Dr. Anthony Fauci at every possible turn. Dr. Fauci needs to be put in his place every so often because he is the type of person who thinks that they are always right. Tuesday’s hearing on the nation’s COVID-19 response efforts provided Dr. Paul with yet another opportunity to do just that.

Dr. Fauci was called to the floor so that he could offer an explanation for NIH’s role in funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab. It did not take long before there was a very tense exchange about the level of involvement that Dr. Fauci had. The Wuhan lab should never have been doing gain of function research, so that the world would have never had to know the horrors of COVID-19.

The “good” doctor is not going to admit to the fact that he funded his research, even as the evidence continues to keep piling up. “There will be responsibility for those who funded the lab, including yourself,” said Paul. The tension was so thick in this room, you could have cut it with a knife.

This is what happens when Dr. Fauci is actually forced to defend his horrific actions. We love to watch him squirm in moments like these. He’s gotten so used to offering his nonsensical explanations for every question that the mainstream media asks. That’s why he’s ready to lose it as soon as someone like Rand Paul is asking questions that he does not have any snappy answers to.

He got visibly uncomfortable during this hearing. “I totally resent the lie that you are now propagating, Senator,” he replied when challenged. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. Our friends over at the Gateway Pundit have been reporting about the issues that were caused by the Wuhan lab since the early stages of the pandemic.

It’s been interesting to watch the tune change as the evidence becomes more and more glaring. There’s no real evidence to support the idea that the virus came from a wet market and we never bought into that story before. The mainstream media had a vested interest in selling that line of hooey because they have to pretend to care about Asian racism this week.

Do they really care about racism against the Asian people? Of course not but that does not stop them from trying their best to convince us. Dr. Fauci needs to be held fully responsible for the funding of this lab but no one on the left side of the aisle seems willing to do that. That’s why conservatives have to step up to the plate and hold his feet to the fire.

We do not mean this in a literal sense, he just needs to know that there are consequences for playing a major role in unleashing a virus that has claimed the lives of over 600,000 Americans and over 4 million people worldwide. Why would anyone expect to get away with this sort of horrific crime? Dr. Fauci’s cocky behavior is going to be his undoing, though.

He should be contrite and willing to talk openly about the mistakes that were made. America is a country that loves to give out second chances and people might have been understanding if he was honest from the very beginning. Now, he’s pushed things way too far and the sentiment is starting to turn against him.

It won’t be long now before even the leftists are ready to turn on him. As for Dr. Fauci, he is digging a bigger and bigger hole for himself as time goes on. He decided that it was in his best interests to refute the claims under oath! That does not seem very smart to us but what do we know? We are not doctors! All jokes aside, Dr. Fauci had better start watching his back. His day in court is coming.