(Video) What Her Supporters Really Think About Kamala? “She F***ed Her Way to the Top”


Former NBA player Kwame Brown has been on a media tour of his own making as of late, as he takes aim at his fellow players who have talked badly about him the past. Commentators who never picked up a ball were also targeted by Brown. Over the weekend, he had Judge Joe Brown on for a YouTube live stream.

Joe Brown wasted no time letting everyone know exactly how he feels about the current president. He wanted to know why Biden never gets taken to task for any of the comments that he has made in the past or any of the crime bills that he is responsible for. These are questions that we find ourselves asking on a regular basis, to be honest.

The judge was not done there, either. He decided that he needed to let the word know what he thinks of Kamala Harris, too. Before any of the liberals try to debate him on this, this is a man that was in the crowd when Joe Biden made his racist segregationist speech.

“Negro Children are like roaches & should not be integrated with white kids,” he claims that Biden said at the time. This definitely flies in the face of the public image that he likes to portray. Sleepy Joe likes to act as if he is the kindest, cuddliest president that this nation has ever had. In reality, he waits until his audience looks the other way to bare his fangs.

We are glad that there is someone who is not going to hold back. Harris is one of the few members of the Biden administration who seems to have escaped most of the scrutiny that Democrats have been getting. We are not sure why that is but at least it is finally improving. Judge Joe Brown is here to make sure of it.

The content here is a bit spicy and trust us, it is not safe for work. If you need to wait to watch it, we suggest placing it in your bookmarks until the coast is clear. Brown is clearly taking the gloves off and we love him for that. He claims that she slept her way to the top and we cannot believe that someone is finally saying this out loud.

Harris is not the only one who is getting all of the wrath. Lizzo and Cardi B are also being targeted by the angry judge. He reminds us of ourselves, in the sense that he has been inside all year and he’s clearly got a lot on his mind. Harris’ entire family history was questioned as well.

Brown has definitely done his homework here. He’s an ornery old man, to be fair. However, that does not mean that he is wrong. Harris has a history of using people to get where she wants to go and then discarding them. Anyone who remembers the Willie Brown saga knows this. He’s already said that he was kicked to the curb once he was no longer useful to her.

We are sure that even the liberals are getting sick of this woman and her fake behavior. There are some simple facts that need to be faced here. Harris is not for anything that Biden claimed to want. These two are just using each other, in all honesty. Biden needed her to signal to the moderates that he still cared at least a little bit about their concerns and she needed him because she was never making her way to the White House otherwise.

Harris has already let herself forget who she was. Yes, she can wear all of the Timberland boots that she wants but guess what? They are always going to remember her as “Kopmala”. There’s a reason why she was never going to get out of the primaries. The relationship that she and Biden have is symbiotic. Wonder if he’s sleeping with her, too?