(Video) Well-Known BLM Activist and Rioter Arrested for His Role in Inciting Violence During the Capitol Riots


The Gateway Pundit has obtained exclusive footage from a Discord server that belongs to activist and protester John Sullivan. He works with the Black Lives Matter group and Antifa. As readers already know, these are the people who are supposed to have been too good to be at the Capitol riots.

This so-called civil rights activist was reveling in all of the destruction, though.

Sullivan was having an absolute blast destroying all kinds of federal property. It’s funny how the mainstream media hasn’t seen fit to report this as of yet. When it goes against the narratives that they have established, they are not willing to speak up about it. Sullivan, for his part, is maintaining his innocence.

He has done multiple interviews on this topic. Sullivan says that he only shows up to these types of protests to record what is taking place.

He tells the interviewers that he does not wish to take part in the destruction and they go right along with it. “It’s just recording, solely, and not being active in it,” he told Fox News just last week.

The footage that was uncovered on Discord tells a much different story. Sullivan goes by the name Jayden X on this platform. At the Capitol riots, he is one of the people who can be heard starting trouble and breaking windows. He certainly doesn’t look like a passive observer in the footage that is now circulating.

Maybe he will decide to change his tune once he is inevitably asked about this. However, it is hard to believe that this will change the mainstream media’s mind. They have already filed into the good activist pile and they are not going to want to admit that they are wrong.

CNN, we are looking squarely in your direction right now.

“If we don’t get in, we’re going to burn this sh*t down,” he gloats. “Let’s go! This sh*t’s ours. F*ck yeah. I can’t believe this is reality. We accomplished this sh*t. We did this sh*t together. I didn’t know I hit [the window] that hard. No one got that on camera… F*ck the blue! F*ck the blue!” he shouts with delight.

The footage that was obtained was provided by a source who is looking to remain anonymous at the moment. Sullivan even captured the moment when Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran, was shot and killed.

Did that stop his glee? No, it did not. He seemed pretty psyched to be present for this horrific event.

He doesn’t look like much of a passive observer here, does he? The exchange that he has with his accomplice Jade Sacker is chilling.

After Babbitt dies, he happily exclaims “we did it!” and our blood ran cold. She is on board with everything that has happened. “Dude, I was trying to tell you. I couldn’t say much,” Sullivan says. “Is this not going to be the best film you’ve ever made in your life?”

The mainstream media and the FBI are maintaining the same story. They want everyone to believe that there were no Antifa or Black Lives Matter operatives present at the Capitol during the riot.

Sullivan even explains his entire rationale in full detail.

“It’s all fake,” he explains. “I learned that s–t already – I am going to wear a Trump hat. I am going to wear a Trump hat. I bought one today. I was wearing a Trump hat at the f—ing last Trump – at that Trump rally during the daytime – because I was like, ‘nah, that s–t ain’t happening, bro.”

“Oh yeah, I was just a journalist, but I use that all the time,” he continues. “‘Yeah I’m just a journalist. I am just recording. I’ve got my camera on my shoulder.’ Literally, I have my big a– camera on my shoulder right here.”

These are the facts that the mainstream media refuses to report. Until they do, the truly brave patriots are the ones who are going to have to pave the way for the truth to be told.