Veterans Take a Back Seat While Violent Protesters Drive On


The country panics about a pandemic. Only, the protests get a free pass. The more violent, the more attention they get. The violent protesters get a green light to wreak as much havoc as they want – and the veterans that fought for the right to protest have to take a back seat.

How many events have to be pushed aside so that Black Lives Matter and Antifa can tear the country apart? Each and every day, the lib news shares about how protesters are peaceful. Yet, real news outlets show the truth: murder and destruction. Videos posted on social media show the injustice, too. Violent protesters are targeting innocent people.

These violent protests are allowed to continue. Even as the United States locks up for the Covid-19 pandemic and limits social gatherings, the protests are able to get the asterisk so they can continue to rip cities apart.

Who suffers? The veterans. The veterans continue to be the voice of reason. They continue to be the ones to sacrifice.

Pigeon Forge has just announced that the Veteran’s Parade that was scheduled for August 8 has been canceled. The opportunity to let freedom ring has been canceled – and for what?

It’s because of the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s more than that. It’s because of the civil unrest. Each year, veterans are honored during the parade. It’s a chance to give the veterans a reason to smile and to thank them for how they helped to defend the country.

The veterans are being responsible. They know that staying at home is the only way to get rid of the virus. But, then, why do the protesters get the free pass? Why are they allowed to continuously cause destruction? They’re one of the reasons why the Covid-19 numbers are continuing to skyrocket. Just turn on any protest and you’ll lose count of the number of people you count without a mask.

Protesting and social distancing are not possible at the same time. The same with parades. So, while the veterans take a backseat to the protesters, the protesters tear apart the country that the veterans have been defending.

Fair? Not even close.

Earlene Teaster, the Pigeon Forge City Manager, has said that the parade won’t take this year but that the veterans are appreciated year-round. “While the parade won’t take place this year, our gratitude and respect for these great heroes never wavers.”

But it does. By canceling one event and allowing others to continue isn’t even close to fair. It shows that the liberals have their priorities all wrong. They expect the veterans to push an event until 2021 but allow the BLM and Antifa protesters to constantly bully their way through cities. Veterans unite while protesters divide.

The liberal media is taking a dangerous approach to all of this. They have drawn a line in the sand and have positioned themselves on the wrong side of the line.

How many more events will have to be shoved into the backseat so that the far left can fight tooth and nail in the street? How many more murders will have to happen before the Democratic leaders wake up and realize what they have allowed to happen?

Veterans took an oath. They made the decision to defend the country. They offered to make the ultimate sacrifice. Now that they have lived through war, it is a civil war that they are met with in their effort to celebrate their survival and their accomplishments.

As Veterans Day quickly approaches in November, how many more veterans will have to wait to be honored? How many cities will choose to cancel the parades so as not to offend the protesters? How many protesters will destroy the parades as a way to prove their far-left points to citizens?

It’s not fair, and yet the Dems stand idly by while the veterans take the high road once again.