Tucker Carlson Dishes Dirt on George Soros Conservatives Have Been Waiting to Hear


The recent election tampering has Americans wondering, once again, who is really pulling the strings. Because a large portion of voters, especially on the right, don’t believe that the election was fair, there has been considerable unrest at the thought that the electoral process has broken down.

The backup plan for potentially tainted elections is still in place, however, but since electoral disagreements get to pass through the judicial system, like many other problems, there is still hope. According to Fox News host Tucker Carlson at least one puppet master might have already found a way to fix that recourse as well.

Carlson took the time to highlighted the extreme left-wing policy stances that new Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has been found to take since assuming office. That isn’t altogether surprising, given the demographic of his constituency. It is, however, noteworthy when it’s taken into account that his campaign was heavily funded by Democratic megadonor George Soros.

“We’ve paid close attention to a number of big elections recently,” Carlson said. “But it turns that many of the most important elections are the ones you hear nothing about. The news media barely covers them. Most voters don’t know they’re happening.

“As a result of this, a small group of committed extremists gets to control the outcome of those elections, often with disastrous results. It happens all the time. Bill DeBlasio, for example, is a very famous person, but he was elected to his current term as mayor with the support of 8.5 percent of all New Yorkers. DeBlasio then used that non-mandate, from a totally non-representative Potemkin election, to completely destroy the biggest city in our country. That’s not ‘democracy’ as we were taught it. Yet, increasingly, it’s how things work here.”

“George Soros understands this. Soros has an eye for vulnerabilities,” he continued. “He became extraordinarily rich by finding ways to exploit the weaknesses in systems he didn’t build. In their early 1990s, Soros became a billionaire by shorting the British pound, crushing the Bank of England in the process. He went on to repeat those tactics in other financial crises in countries around the world.”

According to Carlson, Soros then turned his eyes on the United States where he has since made it his mission to “fundamentally change our society.”

“Soros began funding politicians and political initiatives that had very little popular support. But because so few were paying attention to what he was doing, he often got his way. On those rare occasions when Soros was criticized for doing this — for subverting democracy — he and his allies in the media screamed bigotry — he was yet another oppressed billionaire victim of discrimination. Mostly that tactic worked because it always works. So he kept doing it. If you’re wondering why so many people are being robbed, raped, and killed in American cities right now, George Soros is part of the reason for that.”

Since beginning his work in the United States, the internationally infamous billionaire has exclusively funded left-wing extreme campaigns, many of which have been for District Attorney races in cities like Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago, Boston, and San Antonio.

“Traditionally a prosecutor’s job is to enforce the law, but Soros wanted rigid ideologues who would refuse to do that, and instead let murderers and rapists go free while allowing society itself to degrade and collapse.”

Carlson then outlined what he believed to be Soros’ biggest and most strategic win so far, that of LA District Attorney Geroge Gascon. According to Carlson, Soros was by far Gascon’s largest donor, infusing his campaign with more than $2 million.

The Fox News host went on to explain that Gascon is now making known that he plans to dismiss sentencing against an alleged double-murderer who is accused of shooting an AL Sheriff’s deputy in the back of the head, making him eligible for parole.

“George Gascon has promised to stop seeking sentencing enhancements in every case that comes before his office,” Carlson continued. “Normally, in a functioning society, prosecutors are allowed if they wish to seek longer prison terms for criminals who inflict great bodily injury on their victims, or who carry out gang assassinations in public. George Gascon is getting rid of those additional penalties, along with cash bail and the death penalty.”

“Now, why is he doing this? It’s very simple,” he continued. “George Gascon, like the billionaires who made his current job possible, he’s removed enough personally from the consequences of crime that he can identify, powerfully identify with the criminals, rather than their many victims.”

While there are any number of reasons why a person might want to destabilize society, one of the most obvious would be to create a vacuum where peacekeepers are needed, and the local and national officials are untrusted. At that point, some sort of “unbiased” international mercenaries might seem like a good option. After all, you can’t just let people die in the streets, especially if it’s your regretful decisions that put them in and among the public.

If only there were a way to keep people from getting out of hand …