Truth Over Facts? Biden Claims Over 6,000 US Soldiers Died of COVID-19 While the Real Number Is – Seven!


Joe Biden can’t stop making false claims to save his life at the moment. Maybe he’s senile. Maybe he’s being given bad information. Either way, these gaffes are getting more and more ridiculous by the day. He gave a speech in Michigan, claiming that over 6,000 United States soldiers had died because of COVID-19.

“Every one of these lives matter. Every one of these lives left somebody behind, grieving. You can’t ever forget them,” said Biden. It’s a kind sentiment but it is also wrong. This is the same man who was perfectly fine with sending troops into foreign locales before he decided to become a performative leftist.

He couldn’t even manage to make sense of the simple statistics that were placed directly in front of him. Obama and Biden continued the same wars that they vowed to stop for eight years in a row. Now, they are both acting as if they did not have any control over what took place. It’s a neat trick but a number of people are not going to fall for it.

Biden claims that over 100,000 soldiers have been infected because of the pandemic. In reality, that number is somewhere in the 40,000 range. Biden went on to say that the number of deaths was over 6,000. The real number? Seven. You read that right. Biden was only off by about 6,000 but who is counting?

If you do not believe us, be sure to watch this hilarious video. The struggles that this man has when it comes to public speaking are starting to get downright comical. The Democrats deserve all of the scorn that their voters have to offer but they are not willing to take this party to task for providing them with such an uninspiring option.

Instead, they blame everyone else for the predicament that they are in. It’s not their fault for choosing an awful candidate. It’s not their fault that they chose a vice presidential candidate that was sure to irritate people who are calling for the police to be stripped of their funding. When you do not have any moral compass to speak of, these types of flip flops may not actually matter.

They do to the people who they are looking to pander to, however. How can anyone can get excited by a candidate who cannot even read numbers off a piece of paper? Harris has been brought in to serve as a handler of sorts but she is not going to be able to shoulder all of his duties alone. It takes a village to handle the daily tasks of one Joe Biden.

All jokes aside, some version of that is exactly what would happen if he won the presidency. Biden knows good and well that he would not survive for long. That’s why he’s already floating the ‘one term president’ idea to see how well things work out. He cannot hand things over to his equally corrupt son so he decided to choose someone who would have no choice but to bend the knee.

Kamala Harris could not gain any traction in the presidential nomination race because Democrat voters were calling her a cop incessantly. The only way that she could ever sniff the presidency is by hitching herself to Sleepy Joe. If she’s willing to sit down and wait for four years, she just may get her shot. She’s essentially making a deal with the devil but that’s her cross to bear, not ours.

A gamble like this one is not always guaranteed to work out the way you expect it to. Biden’s lack of mental acuity is keeping him from being able to handle the simplest tasks. Harris may be licking her chops at the moment but there is one thing to remember. This dynamic duo still has a very, very long way to go before they are ever able to set foot in the White House.