Trump’s Newest Endorsement in PA…and It’s a Big One


This late in the election game, it’s not typical to get any more endorsements. Most people have already given out endorsements if they’re going to give any. However, as certain Democratic cities and states continue to become bigger dumpster fires, more people are inclined to offer up an endorsement of Trump. The newest one is an endorsement in Pennsylvania – and it could be enough to grab those 20 electoral votes to compensate for any possibility of Biden grabbing the 16 electoral votes in Georgia.

The endorsement – a newspaper. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has provided an endorsement to President Trump. They’re not one to endorse Republicans – they haven’t done so since 1972.

Now, it’s entirely likely that the newspaper is going to get a lot of heat from the liberal media. However, they felt that it was necessary to back Trump, particularly with the way that his presidential leadership has helped the economy within the state over the past four years.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette listed many of the reasons why they offered the endorsement to Trump. They talked about how the economy boomed before COVID in a way that it hasn’t done since the 1950s – and told readers to look at how their 401(k) accounts have grown in the past three years. They also explore how unemployment has improved significantly for Black Americans. Other reasons for the endorsement? Trade relationships. Hope for the hourly workers.

The newspaper points out something that Trump has done that other presidents haven’t – he put America first, just like he said he was going to. That’s something that Biden hasn’t even tried to promise, either. Especially as word comes out about his son’s sweetheart deals in Ukraine and China, many people know that Biden doesn’t have plans to put America first. We don’t need more jobs leaving the United States, we need more jobs coming back. Pennsylvania understands this better than anyone – they were once a big part of the Industrial Revolution – and they can be a part of the next revolution to bring manufacturing jobs back to the country.

Pennsylvania is one of the oldest states. They’re part of the 13 original colonies. They know the importance of the constitution – and they’re so happy to see that Amy Coney Barrett, an originalist, has been appointed to the Supreme Court.

It’s easy to see how Biden and Trump vary on a lot of important political points – energy, taxes, and the list goes on and on. The differing points are the ones that mean a lot to the people in Pennsylvania. Biden/Harris promises such things as green jobs – those are not likely to help people in Pittsburgh or anywhere else in PA.

The paper also takes a good look at the age of the two candidates. While they are both identified as “too old” it comes down to Trump being “robust” in comparison to Biden being “fragile.” As for the VPs that are prepared to step in should something happen, Pence is a “safe pair of hands” while Harris has shown no evidence that she would be ready to be president.

This is what too many Dems don’t want to talk about. The reason that Harris couldn’t win the primary bid for the presidency is that she’s ill-equipped to be president. When voting for an older (and potentially mentally-incapacitated) candidate, the VP matters – and Harris simply cannot get the job done in a way that is acceptable for the American people.

Pennsylvania is notorious for waiting until the last minute to vote. They’ll vote in person on Election Day rather than using the early voting tools made available to them. This means that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s endorsement has come just in time to give the residents of Pennsylvania something to really think about. Trump is the best candidate to help Pennsylvanians continue to prosper for the next four years because he wants to put America first, as he did for the past four years.