Trump is Right Again on COVID-19


The media wants to make it appear that the president is incorrect about matters that relate to COVID-19. They use reports developed by partnering sources to paint dire circumstances for the American people. The entire world is watching as the greedy Democrats play the virus for their political gain. 

But what the world is seeing is that the president is right about every aspect of the virus and how it is playing out in the country. 

The media would like the world to think that the president has done nothing to stop the spread, but since the beginning, he has only made things a lot better and kept the virus from taking an even larger toll on the country.

The president’s approach now is to let each state handle things from this moment forward. The federal government will help as requested, but decisions are left in the hands of the governors of each state

. For the liberals, that is not good enough. To them, it seems that he is not doing enough to micro-manage the problem to death. That approach is a Democratic response. President Trump understands the role of politics and how it should not interfere with the private lives of people or their freedoms. 

The media paints a picture of the president that he is against masks and then pops up a picture of him wearing one. They claim that he has a double standard, but that has nothing to do with his personal decision to wear one.

Just because he changes his mind does not mean that he is flip-flopping or is wrong about masks. He believes that it should be a personal choice of the individual to wear one or not. Chris Wallace of Fox News would have the world believe that the president no longer cares.

 But, the truth is that the president does care and believes people have the right to decide for themselves.

The demonically controlled media tells the world that Biden is leading the race to the White House. But the scared little man has not been seen in public for some time. The media would like to make people think that the president no longer cares about kids as he has not mentioned a plan for them to return to school. The truth is that the president wants to see the kids back in school. But he is leaving how that is done up to each state. 

There are two methods of running a country known today. One is the Democrats way of things. They micromanage everything to death and tell people that they are too stupid to care for themselves.

And then there is the Republican way. A way that pulls the government back and lets people decide things for themselves. They believe that people are smart and can work things out on their own. There is no need to micromanage anyone. The federal government should stay out of the way. 

The media is also quick to jump on the president when he calls out the fake facts and news that people are saying. Some doctors claim that COVID-19 is simply going to kill everyone. But the president shows the facts of the infection rate and the number of people that have recovered proving these so-called experts wrong. 

The death rate is nearly under one percent now. But the media and the Democrats do not want people to know that bit of truth because it would kill their hopes of returning to power in November. 

There has been a lot of assumptions made by people about the virus before learning more about it. And now that everything is known, smart people are telling everyone it is nothing more than a version of the common cold. 

So, it is time to get back to work and live again. But the loony liberals want people panicking over the virus so they can control them. There is no reason why things should not be back to normal and let people wear a mask if they want to or not. 

President Trump is right, and he is not going to be proven wrong on anything COVID-19 related. The facts speak for itself. And there is nothing that the Democrats can do about the truth.