Trump Hasn’t Accomplished a Damn Thing…Don’t Argue With a Liberal…Show Them This


Donald Trump only cares about himself. He’s accomplished absolutely nothing. He spends way too much time golfing. He caters to dictators. Just ask any liberal. They’ll tell you the truth.

There are none so blind as those who cannot see. Democrats, in efforts to remove this mad man from office, refuse to acknowledge the many things Trump has done to make America a better place to live and raise a family. They could be able to see it had all of the time they’ve ignorantly devoted to slamming the president been redirected to paying attention to the good he’s done. But this a lot to ask of our liberal friends.

So, to make things easy, instead of wasting time trying to wake a liberal up from their comma, here are some accomplishments they’ve overlooked. Just send this to them.

The stock market skyrocketed to never before seen heights when Trump was elected. Since Trump took office, the Dow has beaten its own all-time high closing record, 131 times. As a barometer for America’s economy, it was the dawn of a new age of financial awakening, and it put an extra $5000 annual cool ones in the pockets of middle-class hard-working Americans. So there’s this for starters.

It’s been said how Trump has been merely riding the coattails of the great economy Obama left for him, with sleepy Joe’s help of course. But this is in error. Under Obama’s rule, the Dow went down significantly in 2015 and stayed that way through 2016. Since the 2016 election, it has risen by 50%.

Of course, the market took a tumble because of the pandemic, but they have since, even with COVID-19 still creating turmoil, risen back to near all-time highs, and continues to soar back at the speed of light. This is a very big deal.

Since winning the 2016 election, through December 2019, our nation put an additional 7-million people to work. Through no fault of the president, the pandemic put employment numbers in a temporary headlock. But as we are seeing now, people are going back to work and we are once again heading back to record employment rates.

Under Obama and fog-headed Joe, unemployment zoomed to 9% and 2-million jobs disappeared. As of now, even during a pandemic, the number stands at 7.9%, but it was as low as 3.5%, and it will be again should Trump win his bid for re-election.

Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, tweeted the following. “Only in America could a President achieve the lowest-ever black and Hispanic unemployment, have black business startups skyrocket 400%, see wages go up for black workers, advocate for prison reform, pardon wrongfully convicted people of color, and still be called a racist.”

Where is ISIS? Obama said they would be around forever. Trump begged to differ with his predecessor’s defeatest opinion. Under Trump, ISIS terrorist leaders have been neutralized, and both Syria and Iraq have declared victory over the beheading savages we at one time lived in fear of. So, there’s also that…

Obama had a pretty $221-million package wrapped in a bow for Palestine. Trump put a stop payment on the check. It was his way of showing the world that the U.S. will not support any Muslim entities that back terrorist activity. His point was well-received and the results are as obvious as a smashed bug on a windshield. The Middle East is calmer than it has ever been and foreign terrorist activity has been non-existent in the U.S.

Trump was the first U.S. president to meet with North Korea since the end of the Korean War, and the first president to ever enter the hermit nation. Though tensions will always remain high, Trump was able to cement enough of a relationship with Kim Jon Un, even if a personal one at times, to keep rocket man at bay. North Korea still enjoys firing test rockets and such, but they won’t be wiping out Los Angelas as long as Trump is in office.

GOP leader Kevin McCarthy understands the importance of how Trump performs on the world stage and tweeted this. “Every time President Trump is strengthening our country on the international stage, Democrats are trying to bring him down. There is only one word to describe their actions. ⇨ Sabotage.”

President Trump has been responsible for appointing two Supreme Court judges and is diligently working on a third. During his first 100 days in office, he stayed glued to his desk where he signed over 90 executive actions.

It would be very easy to construct a multi-paged essay of Trump’s accomplishments, but you get the idea, and so will anyone you share this article with. Human nature sometimes causes us to get so wrapped up in the negative that we fail to acknowledge the positive. When the positives far outweigh any negatives people work entirely too hard to conjure up, we have ourselves a president. His name is Donald Trump.