Today, Boys and Girls, You Get to Learn from a Drag Queen


Pride Month is celebrated all over the country. Most celebrations are 18+ as adults are able to embrace their sexuality and determine who they are as people.

That’s not good enough for the LGBTQ+ community anymore.

They want kids, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual, to celebrate with them.


TV networks are becoming more liberal. Not only do they believe that “love is love” but they also believe that children should be introduced to various LGBTQ+ characters. It can make it easier for kids to accept those of varying sexualities from their own.

And who better to teach them than a drag queen?

Nickelodeon has decided that it’s going to promote Pride Month with a video featuring drag queen Nina West. West sings about the meaning of all the colors on the “pride” flag.

Each color of the pride flag has a different meaning – and West explains them all.

Remember when Nickelodeon used to be a fun, lighthearted network that you could let your kids watch without wondering what agendas would be shoved at them? Kids used to be able to watch for hours and simply be entertained. And if they watched long enough, they’d even be slimed with orange slime.

Now, there’s little hidden gems of liberalism shoved into the programming. It’s only a matter of time before someone’s kid comes running into them to ask them why there’s a man dressed up like a woman, singing to them about pride.

Many parents don’t want to have conversations about LGBTQ+ with their elementary school children. Particularly for those who are Christian, there’s a difference between teaching about sin and acceptance.

While Nickelodeon may be looking to teach acceptance and unity, they don’t need to do it in such an open and liberal way. It’s clear that they’re on the crusade of a social movement with this video, featuring “With a pride flag up high, be true to you” lyrics.

The problem is that they only talk about LGBTQ+ individuals throughout the song. Kids don’t have the ability to understand such complicated matters. And when the song continues on to say “Never have to hide yourself away, there’s a place for you” it makes it seem as though kids have to choose one of these options.

Where’s the discussion about being heterosexual and how it’s acceptable to be heterosexual, too?

There have never been shows on Nickelodeon (or Disney or Cartoon Network) that have focused specifically on being heterosexual and how a man and a woman are the only acceptable couples. Yet, that’s the way that they want to push it.

The LGBTQ+ movement wants to shove their beliefs down everyone’s throats and have us all accept it with open arms.

Maybe we don’t want to talk about sex. Maybe we don’t want to be talking about transgender topics with our elementary children. Why must this suddenly be a topic? It’s bound to be a talking point in most households once they see this video.

The pride month video isn’t the only way that Nickelodeon has been promoting transgenderism, either. Blues Clues & You put out a singalong video, which also featured Nina West. Singalong. Yes, because every parent wants their kids to sing along with cartoon animals depicting queer demographics.

Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans, and queers are welcome in the community. However, there’s no need to flaunt it. Heterosexuals aren’t flaunting anything. We’re not talking about sex with our elementary children, so there’s no need to be teaching LGBTQ+ sex topics to them, either.

Nickelodeon may have gone too far. Kids being taught by drag queen Nina West is a lot to digest. Yet, it seems as though he is going to be the new face of the children’s TV network.