Tidal Wave Takes Down Cuomo as True Death Total is Revealed


Andrew Cuomo is the comically decorated murderer of the elderly that, for some reason, is still governing New York. He has been decorated as a COVD-19 hero by other liberal organizations even though he is directly responsible for thousands of elderly patients’ horrible deaths in nursing homes.

His decision to turn healthy nursing homes into COVID-19 breeding dens ended up killing thousands of people that were at the top of the federal list to be protected. The lying socialist gave the order to take coronavirus patients and stick them in the nursing homes so as to create room in the hospitals.

But now that his murderous deed is done, he wants to cover it all up. He acts like communist Chinese leaders that are working overtime to cover up their murderous scandals.

And Cuomo was succeeding until another backstabbing liberal named Letitia James dropped a massive report into the public lap.

Letitia James is the Attorney General for the state of New York. This is another Democrat who hated Donald Trump so much that they actually made it their platform promise to get rid of President Trump.

For James, there is no loyalty at all for her. She took a report that, by all means, should have been discarded within the realms of Democratic loyalty. Thankfully, she chose to look beyond partisan agendas and took the very information that Cuomo refused to release to the public and gave it all to them.

Jumping James is out telling people that the death rate in the nursing homes is actually 50 percent higher than what Cuomo is telling everyone.

She just branded Andrew Cuomo as a massive liar trying to cover up his part in the death of thousands of people that we’re counting on him for protection and care.

The report that Cuomo claims is correct shows only 8,711 people dying in the homes. But James’ report clearly dictates that the number should be around 13,000. A survey of 62 nursing homes was done, and that number was at the heart of the report.

Cuomo deliberately doctored the books to make himself look better.

Cuomo’s order to flood the nursing homes with infected people was a terrible call. It made no sense at all. The coronavirus’s infectious nature was terrible, and the elderly could not count on Cuomo to look after their care on a state level. Instead of protecting them, he failed them by allowing them to die.

The governor did face a ton of criticism over his order. But that criticism came a little too late for the thousands that had already died. His order was issued with no warning and was indeed hidden in the shadows.

By the time it took effect, the deed had already started to be done. The elderly became infected and would die in their beds being betrayed by one that should have protected them.

James does try to pass some of the blame on the nursing homes. But they could not handle the influx of patients. They certainly did not have the PPE needed to treat the sick.

In the report, James has also mentioned that over 4,000 of those deaths happened after his order. These nursing homes would not have the people or the resources to care for that many sick people.

Andrew Cuomo purposely forced the problem on the homes. One report showed that 323 nursing homes did not have any infections until Cuomo pushed them their way.

The report stated that the deaths happened in 323 facilities that “apparently had no reported COVID-19 infections before receiving admissions or re-admissions of hospital residents who had been diagnosed with COVID-19. [T]hese admissions may have contributed to increased risk of nursing home resident infection, and subsequent fatalities.”

The sad part of this report is that Cuomo never accepted responsibility for his part.

Instead, he tried to blame President Trump. He stated that the Republican government was an “Incompetent government kills people. More people died than needed to die in COVID. That’s the truth.”

He must have been talking about himself in that statement because Donald Trump made everything people needed to fight the virus available. Cuomo refused the help, and he made some terrible calls during the pandemic.

Certainly, he is not worthy of the honor that was awarded to him.