This Is Your President, America! Dancing With YouTube Stars After Arizona Rally (Video)


Now that we are less than a week away from Election Day, President Trump is spending more and more time on the campaign trail. Say what you will about this man but he knows how to have a good time. After the Phoenix rally was over, he decided to invite some YouTube stars onto the stage with him to keep the good times rolling.

These young men are from Canada and they are known as the “Nelk Boys”. They danced to YMCA and it was an absolute riot. These guys also looked sharp. Their suits and MAGA hats were the perfect getup for the occasion. Those who have seen their prank videos have probably spent a lot of time laughing at their antics.

At the time of this clip, they had at least 6 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. After being seen dancing with President Trump, their star is sure to rise. Trump is portrayed as being the angry man in the media but these clips do not show that at all. He’s a happy, jovial president and we have never seen one quite like him.

Who wants to let this man go so that we can deal with Biden’s doom and gloom for the next few years? If you watch this clip until the end, you will have the chance to see Trump’s amazing handshake. We do not want to ruin this one for you, either. It’s a video that you are simply going to have to watch for yourself if you want to get the full effect.

While Biden remains in the basement, Trump is the one who is still heading outside to press the flesh. He’s a COVID-19 survivor who wants everyone to feel the same joy that he does. We might be reading too much into it but it feels like Trump has a greater zest for life at this point. Maybe the scare that he received has reminded him of the importance of counting his blessings.

It’s a lesson that we could all stand to learn from. He is someone who is being told that he is about to suffer a terrible defeat at the hands of Joe Biden. Is he sitting down and feeling sorry for himself? Of course not. He has not even used his COVID-19 diagnosis as an excuse to stay inside like his counterpart. Biden has yet to even be exposed but he does not care.

The pandemic provided him with the perfect excuse to stay inside for as long as he wants and no one is questioning it. To say that Biden is not willing to do any more campaigning is probably overstating it a little, though. In our minds, he has been told that he no longer needs to by his team and he is more than happy to follow those instructions at the moment.

Can you imagine Biden actually going viral for a good reason? He’s had plenty of clips circulate throughout the course of the campaign but none of them are positive. He really lucked out when it comes to all of the cancellations. This is the same man who was freaking out on the attendees at his own rallies before the pandemic arrived and inadvertently saved his butt.

Trump could be at home sulking right now but he’s not. All he is doing is shredding all of the unfair stereotypes that exist about him. The American public is given all sorts of nonsense about the president. They are told that he is a mean and angry man who does not care about the greater good whatsoever.

They are never given the chance to see his real side, his fun-loving side. That’s their loss, though. Maybe someday these folks will appreciate the president that they once had. If we had to take a guess, this day will not come until he has already left office….for shame.