This Is What Biden’s Puppet Masters Want Your Children to Learn! Shockingly Racist Curriculum Exposed!


Parents who are looking to avoid the social justice movement when they send their kids to schools have had a rough few months. These educational regimens are being taught nationwide and now that more kids are heading back for in-person learning, parents have become worried. Students are going to have gender-fluid, racist ideologies instilled in their heads.

If you head to the Teachers Pay Teachers website, you are going to find hundreds (if not thousands) of lesson plans that are designed to push this type of nonsense. This “is the go-to place for over 85% of U.S. educators to find teacher-created, teacher-tested classroom resources” and “has grown to reach over 5 million educators,” according to the site itself.

5,552 lesson plans are available that teach students about all of the nuances of the Black Lives Matter movement. In addition to these plans, there are also 3,712 on critical race and 166 on white privilege. Gender equity lesson plans are also becoming rather popular these days, which was obviously to be expected.

Can you believe that there is a plan named “Social Justice and Racial Equity Unit in Kindergarten”? The parents who argue in favor of these lesson plans always try to claim that children who are in kindergarten or first grade do not get taught these types of lessons. “Oh, they are for older kids,” they say. They will say that the little ones don’t even get taught like this.

The lessons that are being found on this website go against all of that hubbub. They want your children indoctrinated as early as possible and they do not care how little sense these plans make. “With your partner, who has lighter skin and whose is darker?” these students are asked during the aforementioned 10-day unit.

How is any of this helpful to children in any meaningful way? The gender equality lessons are even more ludicrous to look at. One of them is even called “Pink Is For Boys” and this is the type of retrograde silliness that our five-year-old children are going to have to endure. The goal of the lesson plan is “to focus on color and gender equality.”

Meanwhile, “Gender Equality Activities” comes with 10 lessons that are centered around “acceptance, challenging gender stereotypes, positive self-image and understanding.” These lessons are going to be taught to children ranging in age. Kindergarten students are not going to understand any of this and we doubt that the third-grade students this is aimed towards will either.

“This unit offers an extensive book list that will help teachers to gather a wide range of quality books that help to challenge gender stereotypes,” the lesson plan says. “Ballerino Nate,” “Household Tasks” and “Accepting Me For Me” are included among the lessons of the unit. The kids are even asked to listen to the most insane stories, which their teachers are more than happy to read aloud.

One of these stories is entitled “The Princess Boy”, which is about a little boy who prefers to wear pink dresses. As if this were not enough, the class is then asked to tell the teacher how this makes them feel. The “Transgender Education Social Story” is particularly galling. They are worried about offering up a “base knowledge of what being transgender means” and “different ways a person’s gender identity could be expressed.” What on earth do small children need to learn about something like this for?

If you take the time to look around on this website, you are sure to find more of the same. It’s a lot of woke nonsense circulating right now but what really worries us is the lack of care that our children receive. These kids do not need to spend their days grappling with big ideas, they need to be taught the basics. Colleges used to serve as the forefront of these types of experiences but now kids need to learn about racism and gender roles in kindergarten.