This Is the America Biden Threatened You With! Biden’s FBI Cracks Down on Innocent Americans Who Did Not Vote for Biden (Video)


Pressley Stutts proudly served his country, serving as a United States Navy chaplain for 30 years. Now that he is retired from the military, he is running his own small business in South Carolina. That’s not all he does, though. He’s a brave patriot who still cares deeply about the state of our Republic. He works tirelessly to ensure our continued prosperity.

We all know what happened on January 6. A sizable number of Americans who were upset about the results of the election decided to descend upon Washington, D.C. They were there to have a peaceful protest and nothing else. As we also know, the mainstream media has decided to demonize these people. Unfortunately, they have been blamed for the actions of Antifa thugs.

Pressley was one of the brave men who made his way to D.C. that day. The mayor of the city put many conditions in place that were designed to weaken their resolve. These men and women were barely even allowed to use a public bathroom but they still managed to stand up for what was right. It was awesome to see and we are tired of the media making it something that it wasn’t.

All Stutts wanted to do was engage in a peaceful protest. He wasn’t there to do any harm. There was no planned insurrection as far as he knew. The party that he was with simply wanted to make sure that their voices were heard and they were very respectful. The barricades around the building were removed and he was given the go-ahead to come inside. This is not a man who was looking to break the law.

There were lawmakers inside who were prepared to reject the votes from the states that were still in dispute. While Stutts was never given the chance to set foot in the Capitol, he witnessed things that the mainstream media did not seem to feel compelled to report. They have been given their chance to blame everything on Trump and his supporters, so this is precisely what they did.

Stutts saw men who were dressed in all black shattering windows at the Capitol. This is something that the media did not seem to think they needed to share. Trump supporters were trying to warn everyone present that these people were not on their side. These were Antifa members and they were not there to voice their concerns. Their sole objective was easy enough to understand: they wanted to make all of the Trump supporters who were there that day look bad.

It’s safe to say that they were successful because we are still here talking about it. No one cares about what will happen to brave patriots like Stutts, though. The media wants people to believe that everyone who was down there was looking for some sort of fight when nothing could have been further from the truth. The orange man is bad and so is everyone who likes him!

At least that’s what they want us to think right now. Pressley offered even more background as far as what happened that day. He heard women shouting “Antifa! Antifa!” as the windows were being shattered. He did not spend any time in the Capitol building, either. This goes against the mainstream media narrative about everyone on the scene swarming people and forcing their way through. That’s not what happened at all and people need to stop spreading the lies.

Stutts stood on some steps for a few moments and now, his life may never be the same again. If you would like to learn more about his harrowing tale, we highly recommend taking the time to watch his whole story. He’s been the subject of many unfounded investigations and we want to know when this man will be given the chance to have his life back. This is what this man gets for voluntarily speaking to the FBI!