This Is Our President! Biden in Desperate Need for Cheat Sheets While Touring Water Plant in New Orleans


Joe Biden traveled to Lake Charles and New Orleans this week, in hopes of spreading the word about his “infrastructure” bill that blows taxpayer money on everything but. He and Kamala have been traversing the country, trying to convince people that this is a good thing. Of course, Sleepy Joe struggles mightily when he’s asked to speak in public.

This was no different. By the time he arrived at the Carrollton Water Plant in New Orleans, he looked like a lost child. He needed his mother to tell him what to say and where to go but his handlers allowed him to handle this one himself. As he made his way around the plant, he made it abundantly clear that he was totally out of his depth.

The man needed note cards and we shudder to think of how bad this would have gone without them. If it was a train wreck with them, how bad would it have been otherwise? These are the stories that make us wonder how bad it is going to get. Biden’s mental acuity dwindles by the day and he’s only been president for a few months.

He hasn’t even gotten through his first year yet. That’s the saddest part to consider. It looks bad now but it is probably going to get even worse. Harris has to be licking her chops by now. Her plan is coming to fruition even faster than she could have ever reasonably expected.

We were not that high on Biden and even we are surprised by how fast this is happening. In our assumptions, we always figured that Biden would grin and bear it until 2024. From there, he would try to pass the torch to Kamala and pray that she could fend off Trump.

This was always a pipe dream, especially the part about successfully fending off Trump. He is laying in wait and he cannot be stopped this time around. The Democrats have to know deep down in their heart of hearts that they are not going to win this time around.

In a messed-up way, it is all lining up for Biden to bow out gracefully. He can say that he did not ever lose to Trump because he won in 2020 and couldn’t run in 2024 because of his failing health. Think about it this way: Biden is going to be absolutely ancient if he did manage to make it through a second term.

It won’t happen and we’re just having a little fun but imagine it. Biden would be 86 by the time his second term is over and we can’t even fathom how far gone he would be by then. They would be bringing him to the stage for speeches in a wheelchair and he would need someone to give him all of the answers through an earpiece.

Oh wait! That already happens know, minus the wheelchair. Kamala Harris does have one upside that she can look forward to. It would be awfully hard for her to look any sillier than her predecessor. As long as she can walk and chew gum at the same time, she will look like a genius to all parties involved.

Harris probably knows this. She also knows that she had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the presidency under normal circumstances. That’s why she is willing to pay her dues and watch Biden stumble about for a bit. Soon enough, she will finally get the keys.

To be fair, it will only be a matter of time before she manages to crash the car in her own unique way but that will be another story for another day. As for clueless Joe Biden, we hope that the handlers start removing him from these types of situations. We can always enjoy a good laugh at the expense of the Democrats but we cannot abide this type of embarrassment any longer. America needs to come first!