This Is Just Sad! Nobody Is Laughing at Biden’s Miserable Jokes


When Joe Biden traveled to New London, Connecticut, he was there to speak to the United States Coast Guard Academy. The commencement address was the first one that he has given since he became president. This was also the first time that he was able to experience a “please clap” moment.

We suspect that there are going to be a number of these throughout the course of his presidency. Biden sure does love to make lame jokes. The crowd was struggling to pretend that they were funny, as expected. The graduates were not rolling around on the ground laughing and Biden noticed.

Instead of packing it in and shutting up for a little bit, Biden decided to needle them a bit further. “You’re a really dull class. Come on, man. Is the sun getting to ya?” he jeers. That’s the ticket, Joe! If they don’t laugh at your bad jokes, they are just too dull to get into it.

This man thinks he’s doing top-tier stand-up comedy out there but in reality, the corny jokes that were written for him ahead of time were bombing. Biden does not understand why they are not laughing because he is totally detached from the reality that we all live in. Grandpa, you need to give these kids a break and let them move on with their lives.

If Biden had kept talking, we would have had the chance to see if you can literally bore someone to death. Manners and decorum are instilled in these soldiers during their training and even they could not muster some fake laughter. Imagine if he had to give a speech to the far leftists who pretend that he’s funny.

We doubt that they would have been able to summon any fake chuckles, either. That’s how painful this is to watch. Eventually, Joe finally figured out that he needed to compliment the graduates instead. It should not have taken this long but Joe’s not so quick on the uptake. Via MSN:

“During his speech, he congratulated the graduates and also commended the parents.

“You raised these cadets to be fierce patriots,” Biden said, then told the cadets to stand up and salute their parents.”

This is the type of stuff that plays better than his little amateur comedy hour. So what types of jokes was he trying out on these poor kids? Josh Wingrove shared one of these “hilarious” little tidbits:

“Biden, speaking to the graduating class at the Coast Guard Academy, had them salute their parents here and then congratulated them on choosing a “more difficult path” than others. Among the challenges: “You got a haircut that showed every damn bump on your head,” he said.”

Oh my God! Our sides! The only problem that he is going to have now is waiting for all of the best stand-up comedians to start stealing these bits. Bumps on the head? This is prime material, buddy boy. In the words of Bania from Seinfeld, it’s gold, Joe! Pure gold!

MSN has more of this witty repartee. “He commended the cadets for how they worked together and said the pandemic made it more important. Being together to celebrate graduation was a victory in and of itself, the president said. There is not a single thing this country cannot do when we work together, Biden told the graduates. Biden said around one-third of the class is women and the country needs more women at the highest levels of command.”

Nothing gets the people going quite like some good old-fashioned identity politics. Sleepy Joe did not need to be trotted out for this but we guess that they need to prove that he’s still got some of his faculties at this point. The Democrats need to rethink these strategies before it is too late. Eventually, Biden is going to say something that can’t just be laughed off by the audience on hand.