This Is How They Thank You for Your Service! DC Democrats Are Feeding Undercooked Meat and Metal Shavings to National Guard


It’s absolutely disgusting behavior, to say the least. The troops are being malnourished because of this nonsense and the Democrats need to be taken to task. This issue has been going on for some time now as well. The meals have been substandard but yesterday’s batch was so substandard, a staff sergeant decided to finally speak out.

How sad is that? This was not an isolated incident. The troops did their best to endure the awful meals but they finally hit their breaking point. So why are these guard troops being forced to spend time in D.C., eating terrible food? The reason happens to be a very simple one. The Democrats have all of the power now and they are absolutely terrified about a reprisal of the Capitol riots.

They were made to look foolish once and they now live in fear of a repeat. “We know that members of the militia groups that were present on January 6 have stated their desires that they want to blow up the Capitol and kill as many members as possible with a direct nexus to the State of the Union, which we know that date has not been identified,” said Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman last week.

The aforementioned report from Abel contains all sorts of damning information. The whistleblower described the meals that were being provided and it all sounds horrific. Troops deserve to be given a chance to enjoy adequate nourishment and we did not realize that this was such a big ask for so many people.

The raw, uncooked chicken in the photos looks atrocious and we cannot believe that the Democrats thought that these meals would fly. In other instances, the troops are said to have been given little more than a dinner roll and some Sunny Delight. These meals are barely even suitable for a group of children going on a field trip, let alone our troops.

The worst part about this is that they are only there because the Democrats have decided that they need to be. Since they are the ones who are so worried about their well-being, you would think that they would be willing to treat these people with the proper respect. The warm, moist food was filled with germs, causing the troops to experience illness.

“The firsthand accounts and pictures of undercooked food being served clearly shows that what is being given to Michigan’s service members is unacceptable,” reads the statement from the Michigan National Guard. We are 100 percent on board with this and hope that the situation is rectified immediately.

They were supposed to have been recalled and given the chance to head home but now they are stuck in D.C. for at least a few more days. “The health and wellbeing of our Michigan National Guard service members is paramount to their success as they continue to serve in missions in the United States and around the globe. Senior leaders of the Michigan National Guard will remain personally engaged with this issue and will continue to push for accountability and a solution to the ill-prepared meals being served,” the statement reads, in part.

Meanwhile, D.C. media members are posting about cute duckies on their Twitter pages. It’s so sad but so predictable, too. Their willingness to look the other way is never going to be in question. As long as they feel safe, they are not going to care what is happening at all. We are going to keep the troops in our prayers in the meantime.