This Is a Must See! 37-Minute Video Shows the Truth About What Happened January 6

910 is looking to put an end to much of the speculation about what “really” took place on January 6. Yes, media sources on both sides of the aisle have decided to feed into a lot of the speculation but now we are here to provide you with the unvarnished truth. The outstanding documentary that you are about to see will put lots of the questions you have had to rest.

While we never needed all that much convincing in this regard, this documentary puts a lot of things into the proper perspective. The Capitol people were underprepared for the protest and they did not have enough staff on hand. This is a factor that is often left out of the coverage by snarky leftists who think that they can make everything into a commentary on how woke they are.

100,000 patriots were met by the smallest number of guards possible. In our humble opinion, that seems like something worth discussing. It’s like they wanted to set Trump up for failure by making sure that this protest went as poorly as possible. We would not put it past them for a second.

Throughout the US Capitol building, there were untold numbers of open doors and hallways. Again, why would this happen, unless the goal was to besmirch Trump? It seems pretty counterproductive to allow this to happen so we are having to take a bit of a narrative leap. It’s not hard to believe when you consider how Trump was treated vs. how Biden has been treated.

To make matters worse, the crowd was not even given much of a warning to vacate the premises. They were fired upon with sound grenades and gas canisters before they even had a chance to truly know what was going on. There were even cars parked in the area that were blasting music that was designed to agitate the protesters even further. These are elements that are not being discussed at all right now.

Did they show anyone the clips of the Capitol police officer who decided to shove a man off a two-story wall? Of course not. They would rather play up the images of the unruly protesters that fit the mainstream media narrative and forget anything that does not suit them. It’s sad to watch and this documentary should play an important role when it comes to educating the people.

We are trying to be as fair as possible here and account for the fact that many people have not been told the truth. The excuses are over now, though. All of the facts have come to light and there’s no denying how poorly these people have been treated as a result of the anti-Trump fervor that is taking place in the mainstream media.

This is not something that we are supposed to be mentioning but here goes nothing. We are of the belief that the people who oversaw this protest were actually rooting for a sizable amount of bloodshed on this fateful day. No, we are not referring to any of the Trump protesters who were on hand.

These people were only trying to exercise their constitutional right to protest but they were treated as common criminals. The police offered no warning before opening fire and they were set up for failure by the powers that be. They wanted to be able to express themselves in the same way that the leftists do but that cannot happen!

If they were allowed to speak out, more people might realize that they were being hoodwinked as well. Please be sure to share this very important project with your friends and loved ones. They are the ones who are being fooled by the mainstream media’s nonstop assault. If they cannot convince people that the protest was the product of bloodthirsty Trump supporters, they cannot achieve their true objective: brainwashing the American people.