The Truth Is out! Report Confirms Biden’s Attack Against HCQ Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Americans – Just to Attack Trump


The deaths that are currently still taking place in the United States due to the coronavirus are now being categorized in a whole new way. They are now being referred to as collateral damage. Over the past year or so, various sources have tried their best to get the word out when it comes to effective treatments for the virus.

HCQ (also known as hydroxychloroquine) was touted by President Trump during the earlier stages of the pandemic but of course, the mainstream media was not about to listen to what he had to say. They did everything in their power to make sure that he was silenced. You know how that goes.

They could not allow the mean old orange man to save the day. Dr. Fauci and the medical elites who were monitoring the situation were not going to let him have that pleasure. They colluded to keep people away from the treatment, even though there was plentiful evidence to support its effectiveness.

So why did Dr. Fauci use bogus studies to keep people away from the medication? Why did so many mainstream media news sources follow him blindly, as he traveled the country preaching at people about what they should and should not do?

The false information that they provided led to the deaths of many. Apologies should be given out as soon as possible. There is a new study that proves the effectiveness of this treatment. The new data was revealed in June at medRxiv. Physicians who use weight adjusted Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Azithromycin (AZM) will soon be getting fantastic results, if we are lucky.

These treatments appear to be associated with a 100 percent increase in survival rate, according to the new study. Trump promoted these cures last year but no one wanted to admit that he was right. Now, here we are. It’s been over a year and over 600,000 Americans are dead. The death toll only continues to climb and while things are better than they were, the variants are the true issue now.

What happens if an even deadlier variant becomes the primary form of coronavirus in this country? People are going to wish that they had gotten on board with HCQ treatments then, of course. By then, it won’t matter if the orange man had anything to say about it. They are just going to be desperate for a cure.

That’s how Americans operate when it comes to Trump, unfortunately. The far left is the group that we are talking about here, not all Americans in general. They were the ones who were online mocking the heck out of people who were trying to obtain this cure in their own lives. That’s why Dr. Fauci should have been stepping up and making sure that it was readily accessible before it was too late.

We may have come too far to turn back now and that’s why we are frustrated by the media sources who are doing a total 180 on this. They were blocking people who did not agree and doing everything in their power to censor them. Our pals over at the Gateway Pundit were victims of this awful mentality, many times over. It did not matter what facts they presented.

Not to worry, though! All of the Americans who died because of this stupidity are merely “collateral damage”. Doesn’t this provide the comfort that you need during these trying times? We know that we are definitely going to be sleeping a whole lot better now.

In the meantime, we hope that Dr. Fauci is one day willing to admit to how wrong he was about all of this. He should be ready to head to the podium and offer up the same homilies that he was providing before. It’s hard to point the finger at oneself, though. We understand that but he has a responsibility to the American people. It is high time for him to uphold it.