The Millstone Around Biden’s Neck: Kamala Harris Predictably Fails in Every Job Assigned to Her


The Democrats had a clear plan and we could all see it. They figured that they could shove Joe Biden through as president, by hook or by crook. From there, they would be able to install Kamala Harris as the president. There is just one hitch in this plan. Sleepy Joe may have to remain in the big chair, even as we watch his brain slowly melt.

He’s got nothing but tapioca pudding between his ears at this point and we are stuck with an even less likable option to replace him. Did we die before the election and this is now Hell? We would not be surprised if that was the case. If there is one bright side here, it is the fact that the Democrats are now going to be left scrambling once the 2024 election rolls around.

Harris’ approval rating is circling the drain. Can you believe that she has the lowest approval rating of any vice president six months into their term since back in the ’70s? The worst part of all for them is that they cannot claim to have a high approval rating with the people that they claim to have the strongest connection with: the young liberals.

They live to take advantage of the 18 to 29 voters. These are the impressionable youth that this party always has to get over on if they are going to survive. The older people in this country are not going to be going along with what Harris has to say, for any reason. They know her heart and they are not easily fooled.

It seems as if the far left has finally decided to get with the program themselves. The 18 to 29 demographic has a very low opinion of Kamala now, as the number has sank to 36 percent. 41 percent of the respondents offered up their disapproval. They have finally realized what we already know: she’s not far enough left to make them happy.

To be fair, we suspect that many of these younger voters were not fans of hers to begin with. It’s easy to forget that they were not fans of her from the beginning because of her past. She’s been closely tied in with law enforcement for some time now and was even referred to as “Kopmala” before she was given the chance to enjoy a free ride to the vice presidency. The American media does not want to cover this, so our friends across the pound over at the UK Telegram were on the case:

“Alarmed Democrat strategists are grappling with the Vice President’s floundering poll numbers which show she is now “underwater,” meaning more Americans disapprove, than approve, of her job performance.

The White House intends to deploy her only in certain areas to campaign ahead of next year’s midterm Congressional elections, and will attempt to raise her profile by sending her on foreign trips in the coming months.

The disappointing first months of her term have also worried long-term strategists, many of whom had hoped she would run for president as early as the next elections.

Two recent polls both showed 46 per cent of Americans approved of Ms Harris, with 47 per cent and 48 per cent disapproving.

One of the most concerning elements for the White House is Ms Harris’s unpopularity among young people.

An Economist/YouGov poll found 41 per cent of voters aged 18-29 had an “unfavourable” view of Ms Harris, with only 36 per cent viewing her “favourably.” Ms Harris is also struggling with Hispanic voters, possibly due to her role leading US border policy.”

As it turns out, sending the vice president out to tell the Hispanic community not to come here is not exactly going to do wonders for their approval rating. Big surprise, right? They did not have a plan B for this easily predictable turn of events and now we get to watch them flounder. Cheers!