The Fall of the Mighty! Deranged Fauci Denies That His Abolition of Civil Rights Is a Problem


Congressman Jim Jordan finally put Dr. Fauci in his place and we cannot begin to tell you how excellent it was to watch. It is like we were living through him in that moment. Jordan said all of the things that we have been dying to say to him for the past few months.

The past year has been tough, as we have watched Dr. Fauci keep the entire nation under his thumb. You get the feeling that he enjoyed the little power trip that he has been on over the course of the pandemic. Now that roughly a quarter of the country is fully vaccinated, the time has come for some real answers.

Dr. Fauci does not want to provide them. He wants to keep everyone afraid and double-masked up for the next year or two. Jordan wants a simple answer and he cannot offer it up. “15 days to slow the spread turned into 1 year of lost liberty,” said Jordan. We could not agree more.

At first, we were told that we needed to hold the fort for a little while. Dr. Fauci is the one who kept on pushing the timeline back further and further every time we are asked. “I don’t look at this as a liberty thing, Congressman Jordan. I look at this as a public health thing,” Dr. Fauci replied.

Even when Jordan turned up the heat, Dr. Fauci was not going to offer up a real answer. You can tell that he was not happy to be there but too bad! This man is an un-elected official and he should never been put in the position to offer up this sort of commentary anyway.

Dr. Fauci was obviously still nursing some hurt feelings over Jim Jordan’s attack. He visited CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday and went off on Jordan once more. Dana Bash was told that the restrictions that have been placed on the American people have nothing to do with infringing on their civil liberties.

“But it was very, very clear that [Jim Jordan} was talking about liberties that were being restricted. This has nothing to do with liberties,” said Fauci. He did not even believe that lie when he told it. This is all about our civil liberties and it does not matter what fibs he tries to tell in order to get around that.

Dr. Fauci was not done with his attacks, though. He decided to take direct aim at the people who are opting out of taking the experimental vaccines. “It’s almost paradoxical, that on the one hand, they want to be relieved of the restrictions, but on the other hand, they don’t want to be vaccinated,” said Dr. Fauci.

In his mind, only Americans who have been vaccinated should be given the chance to move about freely. This is an insane point of view to take but he’s welcome to say whatever he wants. America is still a land of free speech. That does not mean that we should be allowing him to say these things without any sort of push back, however.

This is where Jim Jordan and the other brave patriots who are willing to speak out take on an even greater level of importance. “I don’t enjoy those kinds of confrontations. But it was very, very clear that he was talking about liberties that were being restricted. This has nothing to do with liberties,” Fauci complains. He’s the one who needs to be taking a long look in the mirror, though.

Jim Jordan is the one who is asking the right questions. Dr. Fauci is the one who cannot seem to provide any answers, no matter how many times he is asked. No one ever voted to put this man in power but he still thinks that he can tell everyone what to do and how to live. We see through him and you should, too.