The COVID Nazis Under Biden Will Never Stop! California Human Rights Attorney Warns of More Public Health Tyranny


This speech from Leigh Dundas is an inspiring one. She shared these words at a rally in the state of California. She compared the passports that Big Vaccine will require us all to obtain soon enough to the tactics that were taken by the Nazis of Germany. This speech was delivered at a Health and Freedom rally in Orange County, California.

She was emotional when she spoke but it is easy to see why. In her mind, this is some of the worst oppression that she has ever seen and it is happening right now. This is what America is dealing with. The tyranny is taking place right under our noises, under the guise of public health.

The same thing took place in Germany. The only difference is that their tyranny took place under the guise of a nationalistic point of view. The passion in this woman’s words is hard to deny. We are sharing her speech, in hopes that it will cause others to take action.

The true patriots of America cannot handle all of this alone. We need as many people as we can get. Sometimes, it can feel like what we are saying is falling on deaf ears, which is a a lot to endure. No one wants to feel like they are being shut out just because they are speaking the truth.

That’s how people like Dundas are treated every single day in this country, though. Her whole speech is well worth your time and we are more than happy to share it with you. It is so nice to see someone articulating the same points that we have been making on a regular basis.

This is not the first time that we have heard about Attorney Dundas. Our good friends over at the Gateway Pundit have been sharing news about her for some time now. Some readers may remember that she was one of the first who was willing to warn the rest of us about the possibility of election interference.

Sadly, the Department of Justice was not willing to enforce the law and here we are. The powers that be are now working overtime to silence her. The video that we shared above? The dictators over at YouTube have decided that those who visit their platform should not be allowed to see it.

This is the exact tyranny that we have been discussing but no one wants to acknowledge it until it happens to them. The day will come when we are all being silenced and when it does? We do not want to hear any complaints from the peanut gallery. The same people that have no problem with the advancing tyranny now will be crying once it affects them.

That’s how America works, sadly. No one ever wants to re-calibrate their point of view until their feet are being placed in the fire. Once liberal viewpoints are being censored, you are sure to see a shift. All of a sudden, they are the first ones that want to stand at the front of the line and complain.

These people need to realize one very simple thing: tyranny is taking place all of the time whether it affects your day-to-day or not. The truly brave Americans are the ones who are not waiting for their lives to be personally affected by what is going on. They are taking right here and now, before things get too out of hand…hopefully.

We hope that Attorney Dundas is able to share her message with lots more people before this is all said and done. She may have been called names for speaking the truth not that long ago but she did not allow that to stop her stride for even one second. We are taking a lot of inspiration from the path that she is currently walking and we hope that our readers are able to, as well.

Of course, Biden’s covid Nazis have attempted to ban this video, but you can watch the full video here.