Thanks Biden! Taliban Are Celebrating With the Weapons Biden Left Behind for More Terror


The Taliban seems to be having a lot of fun at our expense. We wouldn’t go so far as to call these “parades” but they definitely give off something of a celebratory feel. Either way, the news that is currently coming out of Afghanistan is rather discouraging.

Let’s be frank, the situation at the United States embassy in Kabul and at the international airports has gotten pretty dire. Things are rapidly deteriorating. No one is sure how the situation will turn but for now? We have some measure of security and have been able to maintain our defensive capabilities. Looters and militants have caused some issues but the embassy has still stood strong.

For some time now, the Taliban’s presence seemed to be limited to the rural areas but all of that changed within a few short hours. Sleepy Joe has passed out at the wheel again, to our detriment. NBC News has been monitoring the situation as closely as possible, as they have reporters who are embedded in the region. The Taliban is on the move, this much we know.

Are they still making their way through the shadows? That’s a negative. Reporters are being asked to look at all of the weapons and military vehicles that they have swiped. That’s how brazen they are getting. They have yet to get their hands on any strategic missiles but this is a pretty good start when it is compared to what they are starting out with. The NBC News reports are startling:

“The Taliban have showed off containers full of weapons and military hardware seized from the Afghan military as American forces withdraw from the country and the militants march across the country.

The weaponry includes 900 guns, 30 light tactical vehicles and 20 army pickup trucks, according to NBC News’ U.K. partner Sky News, which was granted access to the Sultan Khil military base in the Wardak province close to the Afghan capital, Kabul.

District after district has fallen to the Taliban. The militants have seized 120 districts since May 1, according to an ongoing assessment by the Long War Journal. The map is a moving patchwork, but at last count the Taliban controlled 193 districts and contested 130, while 75 were under the control of the government or are undetermined, according to the publication, which reports on the global war on terror and is a project of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a hawkish Washington think tank.”

1,000 firearms falling into the hands of the Taliban does not seem like a good development, call us crazy on that one if you must. Sure, they may not have enough firepower to launch a full-fledged attack on America but no one should be sitting around and waiting for that to happen. It’s time to be proactive, as opposed to being reactive.

All of this showing off is currently taking place in the Wardak Province. Things are building up to an uncomfortable confrontation, as one day they are sure to believe that they have the tools to pull off an attack on the embassy and/or the airports. The Taliban is simply scooping up all of the hardware that we leave behind and that is not acceptable.

No one in our government is thinking clearly enough to do anything about this. The Biden administration claims that they are working on it but it’s not like they have really earned the benefit of the doubt on any of this. NBC News asked for further comment and they were not willing to offer any.

These plans needed to have been set in stone already. We don’t have time to “work on it” any longer. Biden may have inherited a tough situation but that does not excuse him from allowing it to get a whole lot worse. This is what happens when you are more interested in undoing everything Trump has done, as opposed to staying the course that he has already set us on.