Thank You, Melania! You’ve Been the Most Impressive First Lady the United States Ever Had (Video)


After becoming the First Lady, Melania’s first public appearance alongside the president gave us a strong idea of the type of person she is. The happy couple was at a Florida rally, where Melania kicked things off by reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

This was a wonderful indication of what was to come in the future.

For the past four years, she has been one of the most gracious First Ladies that our nation has ever had.

We also remember the amount of outrage that took place on the left after her prayer. These are the folks who do not want anyone to pray, under any circumstances. If anyone prays in public, they sound off the alarm bells.

Simply put, Melania has too much grace and class to ever let herself get caught up in all of that nonsense. She keeps herself above all of that and while her husband struggles to let things go, she’s cool as a cucumber. Her beauty and sophistication have allowed her to stand apart from the other First Ladies that we have had in the past.

The liberal media has had it out for her from day one, for obvious reasons. Anyone with the Trump last name is always going to be in trouble with the mainstream outlets. They don’t believe that anyone who is associated with Trump could ever be a good and decent person.

Melania is living proof that they have it all wrong, though.

Anyone who has been paying attention to her stint as the First Lady knows that she works tirelessly to advance her favorite causes. She’s not the type to get swept up in the petty mainstream media beefs. Now, it has come time for her to bid America farewell.

Biden and Harris are going to be coming in and she wants everyone to know how much these past four years have meant to her.

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The message is a touching one. Law enforcement officials are given a well-earned salute for all of the hard work that they put in over the past four years. Those who have been able to overcome their opioid addictions were also given a special shout out. During these trying times, she knows that people are starting to lose the faith.

That’s why she is urging everyone to leave the violence behind. She does not want to see any ugliness going forward and we are right there with her. At no point have we ever urged any form of violence to take place and this is because we are following in the lead of our First Lady.

America was happy to have her for the past four years and she was happy to be here for us.

We can’t wait to see how the mainstream media will twist and bend her words. Even when she and her husband preach nonviolence, the media works overtime to make sure that they are inferring a much more dangerous message than the one that is being presented. We all know it is coming.

Now that Biden has finished off the steal and there is nothing left to say or do, Melania’s message is more important than ever. We don’t need to descend to the level of the Democrats and start getting into petty squabbles on a daily basis.

It’s time for the right-wing to move forward, steering clear of all the usual antics that have been taking place over the course of the past few months.

Hopefully, Melania’s words find everyone well. They are a refreshing change of pace from all of the usual fire and brimstone that we have been taking in lately. This is why she is one of the finest First Ladies that we have ever had the privilege of spending a four-year term with.

All of the best to her going forward and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.