Texas Has Enough of Biden’s Border Crimes! Issues Disaster Declaration


On Tuesday evening, Governor Abbott issued a declaration of disaster. The state of Texas is going to be dedicating more strategies and resources to fighting the border crisis. Those who live on the Texas-Mexico border have to be absolutely overjoyed that some leaders are actually taking a proactive approach to this problem.

Biden seems content to cross his fingers and hope it goes away. According to Governor Abbott, the Biden administration has not been quick to respond to requests for assistance. Since Sleepy Joe is dozing at the wheel again, it is time for the state of Texas to step up.

If this seems like a story that you have heard already, that is because it is becoming all too common. This is one of the only tools that Abbott has at his disposal at the moment. He can’t just sit back and listen to what the Biden administration has to say about this. They are just going to tell him that everything is under control, regardless of what is really happening.

This is a man who spends lots of time at the border. He knows what he is looking at and he is not going to accept the gaslighting from the liberals. What does Biden plan to do about the destruction that is taking place? Many properties, crops, livestock, fencing, and homes are being destroyed while he pretends that the problem is not a real one.

“I issued a disaster declaration along Texas’ southern border to provide more resources to protect landowners & enforce all fed & state laws to combat criminal activities stemming from Biden’s border crisis. In Biden’s absence, Texas continues to step up,” Abbott tweeted.

If you head to the Texas.gov site, you can check out the four-page declaration in full. The document clearly lays out all of the problems that are being experienced in Texas because of the poor leadership of Joe Biden. The Texas Disaster Act of 1975 is being used as a guide here by Abbott.

He’s particularly worried about the growing influence of human traffickers and drug cartels in the area. Illegal drugs are making their way across the border at an increasingly high rate and fentanyl is at the top of that list. In addition to the drugs that pouring into our country, there is also a serious humanitarian crisis brewing.

Young children are being dropped off at the border because their parents know that they will have the chance to rejoin them on our side of the border, sooner rather than later. Border patrol agents are not always able to intervene in time, as there are constant beatings and rapes. Who cares if these people are drowning in the Rio Grande? As long as the coyotes are able to collect their ill-gotten money, they do not mind at all.

Deportation freezes and illegal migration are being talked up, which is leading to the surge. He may believe that this is a very humane policy but this is the furthest thing from the truth. Biden is causing more issues than he solves with these ideas.

While Governor Abbott has told county judges that they will be reimbursed for the costs that they are incurring due to the border crisis, we are not about to sit around and wait for that to happen. It’s a noble promise but we cannot see the federal government footing that bill anytime soon. There is no end in sight here.

Meanwhile, county sheriffs are trying their best to put a stop to the issues. “I’m going to start here, locally. If we catch them, we’re going to start prosecuting these people that are trespassing on y’all’s property,” Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe told a happy crowd last month. “And whatever other legitimate charge we can stack on there to try to deter them from coming to Kinney County. We’re going to try to hold these people accountable,” he continued. If only Texas could be so lucky!