Ted Cruz is Ready to Bring the Democrats Down


President Trump promised four years ago to protect America from threats, both international and domestic. Ever since he took office in 2016, he has lived up to that promise.

And now that his first term is coming to an end, he continues to fight against the injustice that the Democrats are trying to commit. Their cheating and fraudulent actions in the 2020 election were an attack on the American people.

The president has had his lawyers and attorneys out in the field investigating every alleged act of fraud. Something did not add up the night of the election. He discovered that the liberal left created a massive fraud ring with the purpose of taking over the country.

The terrorist liberals did not expect thousands of people to come forward, testifying about fraud. They did expect to have Sidney Powell find international connections to the voting machines that were rigged to change voters’ choices. And they did not expect the American people to fight back.

The president has inspired Americans to fight back to keep America the land of the free. He has given them hope again in the system that governs the land. There is so much hope that the state of Texas has filed a significant lawsuit against four other states in the Union.

The claim is that those four states changed their election laws illegally at the last minute with the intent of allowing the fraud to flow right through the system.

President Trump recognizes the critical nature of this lawsuit. This issue has over twenty states backing it and 106 politicians signing on to show their support. Texas filed the lawsuit directly with the Supreme Court, which is legal for them to do since it is one state against another.

President Trump is calling this case “the big one.” And not just because it is coming from mighty Texas. This case is so large because it finally has forced the line of division to be recognized within the United States. This same line forced a nation to divide years ago over the issue of slavery.

But this time, the fight will take place at the Supreme Court level.

What is amazing about the case is that the president has asked Ted Cruz from Texas to be the one to argue the case before the Supreme Court. The court still has yet to decide whether or not it will hear the case, but they are expected to since the matter has clearly divided a nation.

In the interest of unity, the Supreme Court must act in such a way as to enforce the Constitution since all states are governed by it.

Ted Cruz agreed to the request of the president. He would be expected to give the Supreme Court oral arguments should they decide to hear the case. The issue is so large that the electoral process’s integrity is at stake and who gets to sit in the Oval Office for the next four years.

Ted Cruz is giving no slack. He has argued before the Supreme Court before. But nothing on this level. But if anyone knows to argue the matter, it is Ted Cruz. His name will forever be engrained in the history books that tell the American story.

Texas maintains that the four states named in the lawsuit illegally used the coronavirus as a cover to change their election laws without going through the legal process. Those changes violate Constitutional law because the legislatures in the states were bypassed. What Texas wants out of the case is for the electors not to be chosen until the legal vote total is done. Not one illegal vote can be counted.

President Trump is involved in the case because, as a candidate, his election race was affected in the four named states. In every one of these states, the counting process stopped, and when it resumed, Biden surged to the top without much effort—clearly indicating that fraud and cheating were taking place in back rooms.

The truth will prevail as long as there are brave Americans around to stand up for what is right, no matter what the cost.