Tech Monopolies Turning America Into Nazi Germany! Facebook Asking Users to Rat out Conservatives as Extremists


Facebook has taken an interesting step, as they are asking Americans to start ratting each other out. Biden’s America demands it. You cannot let anyone post what they want to on social media anymore. We have to mind each other’s business, for the good of the nation!

Of course, we are laying on the sarcasm a bit thick here but that’s what you have to do nowadays. It’s the only way to deal with this type of nonsense. The old adage about how you have to laugh to keep from crying is definitely a true one. So why is Facebook on everyone’s case now? The answer is a simple one.

They claim that they are doing this because they are trying to get rid of all the extremists that currently post on their platform. Does Facebook realize that they are emulating the tactics of fascist regimes that have existed in the past? This platform has decided to become the online Gestapo and it’s beyond ridiculous to us.

If your neighbor posts something that you do not like, you now have the right to turn them in. We always have known that free speech was a thing of the past now that the liberals are in charge but to see it laid out this plainly is sad. As long as they believe in something you don’t like, you can label them an extremist and get them in trouble with Facebook.

This is the sort of tattle tale behavior that makes us wonder how bad things are going to get. People are already getting fired from their jobs or asked to resign because they have beliefs that go against the grain. It’s going to get a whole lot worse before it has a chance to get better.

Once the liberals seize control of a conversation, they are going to squeeze the absolute life out of it. They do not care about right and wrong. Nuance goes out the window when it is time to persecute others for their beliefs. All they need to do is label you as an “extremist” and the consequences could be dire.

It’s a terrifying time to be a conservative in America, that is for sure. If social media is no longer safe, where can anyone truly speak their mind anymore? No one is trying to say that clearly hateful speech should be allowed, either. We are just against the idea that anyone who happens to have a bone to pick with us can make up an allegation that is totally unfounded.

This policy from Facebook is not going to be used in any sort of positive way. It is going to be utilized as a way of getting people to turn against one another. This gives everyone a chance to be each other’s judge, jury and executioner. That’s all Facebook and other social media platforms want anymore. They can appear to be woke and turn Americans against each other. To them, it’s a win/win.

Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and the like are getting ridiculous. People are even getting notifications from Facebook, asking them if they have been exposed to harmful extremist content any time recently. They are not even giving people the chance to come across the content and have an adverse reaction it on their own. Instead, they send the notifications and hope to produce the necessary freakouts. That way, they can pretend that they are being proactive about removing “extremists”.

It’s all a game to them, isn’t it? Facebook does not care about any extremism any more than we care about the concerns of the liberals. As long as we are playing games of pretend right now, we just thought that we would get that one out there. “Let me manipulate you by saying some arbitrary enemy is manipulating you,” said one tweeter and we could not agree more. The gaslighting has gotten so out of hand….