Teacher’s Union President Finally Caves to Overwhelming Science – Too Little, Too Late


“What a joke,” said Rory Cooper, in a very understandable reaction to the current news. “At the end of the school year, she sees the light after intentionally causing harm to millions of children. She gets no credit. None at all. Her legacy will always be the pain she and her comrades caused.”

This is what the teachers’ unions have done. They have created an environment where they feel as if they are going to be praised for storming the beach after the war has ended. Randi Weingarten must have caught wind of the new, relaxed regulations that the CDC was going to be offering.

Now, the unions’ reluctance to let the teachers return to the schools are only going to look more and more ridiculous as time passes. On the day when the federal government gave vaccinated Americans the all-clear to resume normal activities, the American Federation of Teachers decided to beat them to a punch….by a moment or two. It would be funny if the future of the children was not at stake.

Schools have been considered to be a low-risk environment for COVID transmissions for months now but the teachers do not care. “Everyone realizes this is about making demands that can’t or won’t be met to justify not going back, right?” our friend Karl opined recently. He may be right but it also bears mentioning that other states have already had their kids back in class.

Fox News has more about the reopening and the schools that have already been in session:

“Conditions have changed. We can and we must reopen schools in the fall for in-person teaching, learning and support. And we must keep them open fully and safely five days a week,” Weingarten said in a speech…

“Given current circumstances, nothing should stand in the way of fully reopening our public schools this fall and keeping them open. Of course, it’s not risk-free,” she added. “We can manage the threat by encouraging people to get vaccines and following guidance from the CDC that prevents the spread of the disease.”…

The head of the union said 89% of its 1.7 million members are fully vaccinated or want to be.

“The United States will not be fully back until we are fully back in school. And my union is all in,” she said.”

Of course, there are catches that have to be reported on. Mitigation measures are going to have to continue, according to Weingarten. This demand has no basis in science but she does not care. By the time school opens this fall, every child ages 12 and up should have had the chance to be vaccinated. The mitigation measures should not be important if the teachers and students are all vaccinated.

The only people who need to be worried at this moment in time are the parents who have children under the age of 12. They are still waiting for vaccine approval. The teachers have lost all of their leverage because of the vaccine’s success and that is all there is to it now.

Weingarten claims that the national union is on the verge of launching a $5 million campaign that is designed to convince parents who are reticent about sending their kids back to school come fall. Big city local unions are not a cinch to go along with this, though. Josh Barro does note that they have a decent amount of incentive to do just that:

“Something Randi Weingarten gets, and some local teachers union leaders do not get, is that if people actually come to believe this message about in-person school being less important than we thought, that’s very damaging to teachers’ long-run interest,” he says. This is a very good point.

If parents are given the chance to get more comfortable with remote learning, this is bad for the development of the children. Schools are not going to need as many teachers, either. This is something that they may want to consider before they screw up and overplay their hand.