Taxpayers Get to Pay for Cuomo’s Scandalous Affairs


It’s all catching up to him, and the legal costs are adding up.

With all of the sexual harassment allegations, he has to defend himself. Well, the legal bill is around $2.5 million – and taxpayers get to foot the bill.

Imagine having to give over some of your hard-earned money to the state. You do it, though, because it’s required. You hope that it gets your kids a better education or at least a few of the potholes near your home filled in.

Instead, you find out that the money is going to take care of your governor’s scandalous affairs. Cuomo harasses and assaults female employees. Rather than owning those allegations and stepping down as governor, he fights them using taxpayer dollars.

Cuomo makes enough money that he could easily cover the legal bills with his own money. Where’s the fun in that, though? Cuomo wouldn’t dare use his own money. He’s the governor, and he’ll wield his power however he sees fit.

What’s amusing is that Cuomo published a book during the pandemic where he talked about his incredible leadership skills. There are a lot of words to describe the New York governor. “Leader” is not one of them. After all, he’s currently in violation of state ethic laws.

With the mounting legal bill, there are certainly questions as to how it will be paid for. AP reported that when the governor was asked whether personal funds or campaign dollars would be used, he responded with “not at this time.”

Why would he use either of those? The taxpayers have been paying plenty, and Cuomo would certainly rather use that money than anything of his own.

AP has reported that “it’s unknown how much taxpayers will end up paying in all.” Seeing as how there are so many different allegations against Cuomo, the end of the legal battles are nowhere in sight. The legal bill could easily double by the time all is said and done.

The State Comptroller will have to review all contracts with lawyers that will be paid for with state funds. The office of Thomas DiNapoli has only received and approved one contract. The contract comes from a Manhattan firm worth $2.5 million – and one partner of that firm will be receiving an hourly rate of $937.50.

Amazing. So, Cuomo is such an amazing leader that he leads himself right into a ring of sexual allegations. He uses taxpayer dollars to get out of the mess, and he helps a bunch of lawyers make money off the deal, too.

This is not what taxpayers envision when they have to pay out all the money that they do in New York. After all, they pay sales tax, property taxes, and a state income tax. It’s a lot – and it shouldn’t be going to cover all of the governor’s indiscretions.

Cuomo has been a multi-term governor. He’s been ruling New York for entirely too long. As soon as the pandemic hit and he was accused of killing people in the nursing homes, people thought he was done for. Then, when news broke that there were sexual allegations against him, people rejoiced with the hope that he would step down.

Still, he remains as the governor.

Now that taxpayers have found out that they’re the ones footing the legal bills, Cuomo may finally be finished. When it comes time to vote in a new governor, New Yorkers will likely be looking for any name besides Andrew Cuomo.