Shocking New Report Discloses Bill Gates’ Involvement With Chinese Bio Genomics Company Involved in Spying on Americans


Natalie Winters from The National Pulse broke some major news over the weekend. BGI Genomics has been flagged by United States officials and the news should stun everyone who is reading. This company is said to have engaged in widespread DNA mining and guess who they were working in concert with? None other than Bill and Melinda Gates!

Winters shared her findings on the War Room. At this time, we learned that Bill and Melinda have made many trips to China to visit their pals at BGI Genomics. For those who are unaware of the link that has been uncovered, the National Pulse has further background on the matter. You are definitely going to want to read on and learn more.

“BGI Genomics—the Chinese Communist Party-linked genomics firm flagged by U.S. officials as “mining” the DNA of Americans—has collaborated extensively with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The National Pulse can reveal.

The company has recently come under fire following a 60 Minutes exposé on the company’s use of COVID-19 tests to “collect, store and exploit biometric information” on American citizens, according to former U.S. intelligence officials. What’s more, a recent Reuters article linked the firm to the Chinese Communist Party’s military.

In addition to the Obama administration enabling the firm to gain a foothold in the U.S., the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation played a critical role in BGI’s American expansion.

In September of 2012, the Microsoft founder’s foundation signed a “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to form a collaboration on global health and agricultural development with the goal of achieving common objectives in health and agricultural development.”

The co-founder of BGI praised the agreement, celebrating the forthcoming “scientific breakthroughs in the areas of human, plant and animal genomics.” He also revealed that the collaborative efforts focused on sequencing genomes—the precise activity flagged for national security threats in the 60 Minutes segment.”

This report proves many of the points that we have had about Bill and Melinda in the past. They are content to play the friendly neighborhood billionaire role but there’s always been something far more sinister hidden beneath the surface. Anyone who ever brought it up was bludgeoned with reports about their generosity and treated like they did not know what they were talking about.

Now that the truth is coming out, it is time to have a real conversation about these people and what they are all about. When Bill Gates bought up all of that farmland out of the blue, eyebrows should have been raised. Instead, anyone who brought up their real concerns was referred to as some sort of conspiracy theorist.

As the report indicates, the Obama administration also deserves a fair share of blame for allowing the foundation to gain the foothold that they have in the United States at the moment. Sad as it is to say, much of the awfulness that is currently taking place in this country can be traced back to policies that his administration is responsible for. Biden is simply doing his best to carry on the tradition.

Citizens who are merely looking to receive COVID-19 tests are now having their data mined, which was one of the biggest fears Americans had at the pandemic’s outset. It has to hurt to know that their very real concerns were never actually addressed. The American expansion that the firm was able to enjoy would not have had a chance to take place if the powers that be were not perpetually asleep at the wheel.

This is a lot to take in, for sure. Even those who have always been wary of the Gates family are going to be a bit surprised that they would pull something this brazen. That’s what happens when you have presidents who are not willing to put anyone in check if they have enough money to buy and sell them. The rest of us are now forced to wait and see what is going to happen next.