Shameful! Women US Soccer Team Members Turn Back to 98-Year Old Veteran Playing the Anthem


This is one of the ugliest things that we have seen in some time. This is the story of WWII veteran Pete DuPré, who played the national anthem on a harmonica before the US Women’s soccer team began a pre-Olympic match before heading off to Japan. Can you believe that several members of the team turned their backs on the veteran?

These types of behaviors cannot and will not be tolerated. If we were given the chance to make decisions here, these women would not be allowed to compete in the Olympics. If this is how they feel about America, why would they ever be given the chance to represent their country? It’s mind-boggling that other people are willing to look the other way on this.

ESPN made matters even worse by giving the women the airtime that they were desperately seeking. They should have aimed the camera in any other number of directions but they weren’t thinking. This is the sort of selfish behavior that cannot be rewarded. Instead, these women got all of the attention that they wanted and then some. The mainstream media cannot resist.

The USWNT was a bit more careful about their coverage, as they did not show the women up close. Anyone who supports this kind of nonsense is more than welcome to click on the red X at the right-hand corner of their screen. These women are supposed to be serving as a representation of America. They would rather buddy up with our enemies.

Now, these women have placed themselves in a terrible position. They are still going to be expected to represent America but we do not want to root for them. How would they feel if the Americans who were shocked and saddened turned their backs on them in a similar way? They would be hurt and they would wonder what they had done to earn such treatment.

This is the reality that needs to be faced for these athletes. Sure, you can hide behind free speech and do whatever you like but there are consequences for these actions. If people turn away from you because you have decided that you are going to turn your back on America, guess what? That is something that you are going to have to endure.

We just hope that these women are ready for the pushback that they are going to receive because of their actions. The powers that be in the world of sports have allowed too much woke messaging to make its way into their programming and they are going to suffer the consequences of this mindset. So many networks are already experiencing a sharp decrease in ratings because of what they have allowed.

Yes, these women have every right to protest. In all fairness, we cannot take that away from them. This conversation is a two-way street, though. We also have the right to tell them how we feel, by not tuning in for their matches once the Olympics actually begin. There are plenty of athletes there who know how to appreciate America. We do not have to tune for these charlatans.

Maybe next time, they will choose athletes to represent America who actually love America. We did not think that this was too much but apparently it is. Is it really so hard for athletes to leave the politics on the sideline when it comes time to compete? The mainstream media does not make things better when they encourage this type of behavior.

It’s a heartbreaking watch for the brave patriots who truly love this country with all of their hearts. We are right there with all of you. No one wants to see this on their television sets and we hope that these types of displays are kept out of the Olympics. That is not too much to ask, we would like to think!