Russia Is Taking Advantage of Clueless Biden! Russia’s Massive Troop Build-Up at the Ukraine Border – Full Blown Invasion Imminent


Now that Russian forces are gathering at the Ukraine border, it is time for the United States to assess the situation in a more serious manner. The United States European Command is already worried, setting their watch level as high as it goes. It’s been referred to as a “potential imminent crisis”.

This information was shared in a joint report with the New York Times. According to Russia, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley spoke with Russian Gen. Valery Gerasimov earlier this week. Last week, four Ukrainian soldiers were killed. Their deaths took place during an extended battle.

They were fighting in the hotly contested Donetsk Region. Their opposition? Russian-backed separatists. At first, the Russian forces were believed to have gathered for special training exercises. Now, they have remained in the region and only growing stronger in number. This has prompted any number of concerns at the moment.

Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama watched Russia take territory in Ukraine and Georgia, as our older and more astute readers probably remember. However, there was no territory when Trump was in office. Gee, we wonder what the difference was there! It’s almost like they actually respected him or something like that.

Biden has arrived in the White House and now the rest of the world wants to test his courage. The New York Times is sharing more about the current situation and we cannot wait until Biden is asked to answer for all of this. He won’t have much to say but it’s fun to watch him stammer anyway. Let’s take a closer look at what the Times had to say.

“The war in eastern Ukraine, which has been on a low simmer for months, drawing little international attention, has escalated sharply in recent days, according to statements on Tuesday from the Ukrainian and Russian governments.

In the deadliest engagement so far this year, four Ukrainian soldiers were killed and another seriously wounded in a battle against Russian-backed separatists in the Donetsk Region of eastern Ukraine, the country’s military said.

The soldiers’ deaths, along with a buildup of Russian forces on the border, has seized the attention of senior American officials in Europe and Washington. In the past week, the U.S. military’s European Command raised its watch level from possible crisis to potential imminent crisis — the highest level — in response to the deployment of the additional Russian troops.

…Russia’s moves have divided Washington.

Some officials believe Russia is mostly engaging in saber-rattling and is not eager to renew its offensive. Others are more worried, believing that Mr. Putin’s intentions are not clear and that an operation meant to test a new president could quickly escalate into something more ominous.

This week, Gen. Tod D. Wolters, the head of U.S. European Command, raised the American military’s watch level for the second time in several days after Russian troops failed to leave Ukraine’s border region. American strategists had expected the troops to depart the area, about 30 miles from Ukraine’s border, after the conclusion of a military exercise on March 23.

American estimates of how many additional Russian troops had been sent to the border have varied. One official said there were roughly 4,000.”

“U.S. military’s top officer Gen. Mark Milley spoke by phone with Russia’s top officer Gen. Valery Gerasimov following the buildup of Russian forces on Ukraine’s border: Russian defense ministry,” Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson shared. Russia is also warning people about a potential civil war that could be about to take place in Ukraine.

So what is clueless Joe going to do about this one? He’s being tested because the Russians clearly do not view him as any sort of threat. They are going to bully the rest of the world because it’s been made clear to them that there are not going to be any consequences for such behavior. It’s time for Biden to find some toughness!